About a year ago, God downloaded a revelation to me that has held a tight grip and caused me to wrestle with the deepest parts of myself.  I try to maintain an attitude of obedience and surrender.  Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not, but it’s always worth it.

 The instructions were clear, the Holy Spirit did not mumble.  


There is great freedom in knowing that God does not ask us to do anything He has not already equipped us to do.  For me, this kind of obedience has taken on its own unique aches and pains, beauty for ashes, and weight loss.

He makes my path straight! 

I think it will help me to have the accountability of updating my blog with my progress.  I pray that He will use it to be an inspiration for others.  (It’s always great to know our pain counted for something bigger that what we can see).

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT:  I don’t always get it right!  I do fall.  I do have to stand back up and keep moving forward from time to time.  But it has really been a fun journey to see how God can take the very things I hate so much and turn them into something that brings Him glory.

JUST DO IT:  Just surrender and get it over with.  That’s the hardest part.  Once you get your mind made up that you’re going to do it His way, things start to get fun!

VISIBLE RESULTS:  I believe He desires to give us supernatural weight loss when we are taking care of our temple.  And every time someone tells me that I have lost weight, I no longer cringe because I get to take the focus off of myself by revealing that God is leading me on a supernatural weight loss journey for His glory!

A PRACTICAL EXAMPLE:  I’ll share yesterday as an example of how this works for me.   Breakfast:  I had cheerios and coffee.  Cheerios and skim milk are a go to for me cause its quick, easy, and Holy Spirit approved.  Coffee is usually our real conversation starter of the day.  I always want to add more sugar than I need.  So, I’m very aware and listening for Him to say “that’s enough” when I’m adding cream or sugar.  I normally use a sugar alternative but I was out of it yesterday so it was just regular sugar.  It’s always sweet enough but it’s not overdone with a major sugar rush like it would be if I was allowing my flesh to have control.

 Lunch: My daughter wanted pizza so I allowed myself to have pizza but to decrease the portion, I also had some low-fat wheat thins which I love to justify by saying they are whole wheat and low fat.  So instead of eating too many, His prompt was simple, He reminded me to check the serving sizes so that I only had one serving.  I’m not saying its always easy but He never lets me go hungry, He is faithful!

Supper:  I was craving ice cream and He reminded me that I can make a healthy fruit smoothie that I make thick and enjoy just as much as ice cream without the extra calories.  He doesn’t fuss at me and I don’t hear thunder or an audible voice.  It’s my spirit having a conversation with the Holy Spirit.  But if you pray every day and you stay in fellowship with Him then His voice becomes easy to recognize and you find yourself hearing Him more and more.  One word of advice that helps me the most is always thanking Him for His suggestion even when I don’t like what He says.  It really keeps our communication flowing.

Exercise:  Some days I’m good about exercise and others I have to pray that God will make me willing.  Last night, we went for a walk downtown to look at the Christmas lights.  It was so much fun watching my daughter dance around to Christmas music that I wasn’t even thinking about it being exercise.  The Holy Spirit likes it when we have fun!  One thing with this that really helps me is that when I hear that reminder to exercise, I choose to say out loud “yes sir” or whatever my answer may be at the time.  Its a whole lot harder to argue with Him if you do it out loud so that you have to hear what you’re actually trying to justify.  Try it, it really helps!

I pray that the Lord sends people to join on this journey with me.  It would be amazing to hear how it’s working for others!  Yay God!