Behold I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it?  I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.  Isaiah 43:19

I really need to get my testimony posted this week so that my posts make more sense!  For now, I just want to talk about today’s milestone.  As someone who was healed from Dissociative Identity Disorder, I have had some interesting experiences.  When I had alters, they did not always agree on what kind of hair style we would have.  There was Liberty, a 14-year-old part that would cut our hair very short when she got too angry. Cassie, who was 8 years old wanted it long so that she could wear it in pig tails.  Ashley and Grace wanted a shoulder length bob that was long enough to cover our face when we looked down and then somebody (probably Liberty) sometimes wanted it blue.  We had two different stylists at different salons, depending on which part was in the front when we decided to get our hair cut.  Anyway, I was never able to stay present when I had to get my hair cut.  I would wait way too long, sometimes a year or two between haircuts because it was a horrible experience to have to let a stranger touch me.  When I did go, I rarely stayed present the whole time, I’m not even sure if I ever managed to stay in front from beginning to end.  I definitely never told the stylist I didn’t like it. haircutEven when I had once gone to the mall out of impulse because it was a Monday and other salons were closed.  I could NOT deal with the mall, I have no idea why we went there but needless to say I switched and a 9-year-old part came out while we were getting our hair cut.  The Stylist was taking directions from a 9-year-old!!  THIS WAS NOT GOOD.  He ended up telling her that we wanted it very short and shaved in the back with a level one razor.  A one!!  That leaves almost no hair!  It ends up looking more like a 5’oclock shadow than a haircut.  Needless to say, we wore a hat for months.  


 My daughter and I went to get our hair cut today.  It feels amazing to know that I can go get my hair cut my way and not have parts anymore that can mess it up!  God completely healed me from being fragmented into different alters and I have been one whole person for 11 months now.  He is so faithful!!

Even while it was coming out of my mouth I could not believe I was saying it, but I did not like the length, I wanted her to cut it shorter…so I told her.  And she fixed it!  I realize how trivial that must sound, but for someone who had no voice for so many years, it was the first time I have spoken up and asked for something to be corrected instead of walking out with a haircut I hated.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that really show that God is indeed doing a new thing and it IS springing forth!  I am aware of it and it is good!!!