It has been an emotional weekend!  Friday night I watched a Christmas play where they had a 2-year-old  Jesus accepting gifts from the wise men and he just radiated the love of Christ.  I felt overwhelmed with what it really means that God sent His Son to die for my sins so that I could spend eternity with Him.  I’ve carried that overwhelming awe all day.  

Last year I volunteered at a Christmas fundraiser with some people that I really love.  The Lord has shifted things around in my life and it did not work out for me to help with that again this year.  It hurt, I was really sad to not being doing that again.  But in asking me to lay that down, He replaced it with this great Christmas Tea.  It was another step forward on this new level so I spent most of the night trying to maintain…contain…appear normal… while having this secret that I was right in the middle of walking out a miracle and only one other person in the room had any idea.  I just looked like everyone else, but what an amazing evening to really get to see first hand the healing play out in a scenario I never imagined myself being a part of in a million years!  

When I first heard the Christmas Tea announcement, I thought it would be a great way to get to know people a little better so I signed myself up.  The only explanation is that this must come from the spirit of boldness that God has put in me.  reservation-for-oneIt is NOT something I would have ever done in the past and I certainly never would have signed up for a semi-formal, adult only, ticketed event without having someone to go with me!  A friend did ask me after I had signed up if I wanted to sit with them so I ended up at a table with one person I knew and three I had not met.  We all worshiped, talked, laughed, ate, and mannequin challenged together, it was so much fun!  Doing new things are not always easy, but to just do it afraid always works.  I wasn’t nervous getting dressed to go, I put on some worship music and felt excited to be doing something new.  Sometimes I think God specializes in new things, it seems like He always shows up when I do things afraid so I did kinda expect Him to do…something…I just didn’t know what it would be.  

When I arrived, people were mingling.  Yikes!  I don’t really mingle…yet.  I will get there.  So I went in a room where each life group had decorated a table to the theme of a Christmas song.  Our table was Joy to the Lord and I was feeling pretty joyful to get in that room and there only be a few people who at least looked familiar.  I didn’t mingle.  We weren’t really suppose to be in the dessert room yet but God gives us divine connections and a way out when we need it!  I told my friend I felt anxious, she quoted a scripture and I thought to myself, “Right, duh! Just pray”.  

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  Philippians 4:6

I claimed the verse and gave the anxiety to the Lord and asked Him to help me.  Literally one minute later, I was writing “Merry Christmas” on a chalkboard.  
chalkboardThis lady has no idea that the Lord was using her when she asked if one of us could do something as simple as writing on a chalkboard.  But that is how God works!  I find Him in the small things very, very often.  He is interested in everything that concerns us!  He has given me the gift of helps so when I asked Him to take my anxiety, He did it by giving me a way to help.  My anxiety immediately left and it never came back!  God is so faithful!!  

I think in a way “doing things afraid” is really another way of saying “step out in faith”.  Maybe that is why God is so faithful to help me out when I do it.  We had a special speaker minister and he shared a powerful word.  

We work hard at work.  We work hard at play.  We play at worship.  This must change. 

We also had some genuine worshipers filling the room and God showed up!  I won’t go into detail but I have been having a serious medical issue every day for the last 5 weeks.  my-healerMy doctor has done several tests and I have another test scheduled next week because we still don’t know the reason behind it.  During this time of worship, we prayed for people that needed a physical healing and I am completely healed.  He is so faithful!  I had obvious symptoms that something was very wrong with my body and those symptoms are completely gone.  Praise the Lord, He is worthy!!! 

This new “land” that God has shown me is amazing!  He has surrounded me with people that love the Lord and love people.  He has surrounded me with the perfect people for this season of my life.  He’s amazing like that!  So here are some pictures of the Christmas song themed tables and the fun evening.