When the Lord said to go to a land that He would show me, I really didn’t grasp the magnitude of what that meant.  In the beginning, I thought it might be that I was being called to a new church but I thought God was asking me to make one change.  I never imagined that He would uproot my entire life and ask me to lay down EVERYTHING I worked so hard for…all at the same time.  Nor did I imagine He would give it all back in one double fold blessing after another.  He is so faithful!

In the last six months we have been given so many blessings:

  • a new mentor
  • a new church family
  • Divine relationships
  • a Christian school for my daughter that she absolutely loves
  • new ministry opportunities
  • a supernatural physical healing
  • a family vacation

and we are in the process of moving to a new town where all of these blessings are actually located so soon I will add a new home to that list.

Moving into this new season has opened my eyes to so many new things.  I have felt happy, sad, hopeful, encouraged, overwhelmed, and in awe of what God is doing.  He amazes me every day and I love Him so much.  I have surprised myself, felt proud, messed up, felt disappointed, fell down and stood back up to keep going.  Its quite the process and I love every minute of it!  The biggest lesson has been the level of faith it requires to step out in faith.  Maybe not the original level as much as the way that it increases every time I do something new.  It doesn’t just stay the same and keep working, it actually deepens and becomes stronger.  It’s really quite amazing how it multiplies and I had no idea that it was possible to grow so much only to realize that the more you grow, the more ability you gain to grow more and how comforting it is to know that God is so big that we will never “arrive”.  There will always be more of Him to experience!