This new season continues to surprise me, challenge me, and change me.  I’m learning to expect the unexpected at anytime.  I’m learning that I can’t stop it and it will continue to stretch me just as God plans.  I’m thankful that my footing is finally becoming somewhat steady on this new level.  Maybe God’s plan is to have me awake at 3am praying for people so that He can move on their behalf.  Maybe in addition to that, I’m called to pray for them so that He can move on my behalf.  Praying for people who have hurt me deeply changes me.  It forces me to crucify my flesh and be obedient when I would rather forgive and forget forever. 

 Praying for them isn’t hard…because I didn’t stop loving them, but remembering can be hard…because I didn’t stop loving them.

It makes me think about how Jesus feels when I hurt Him and yet He continues to intercede to the Father on my behalf.  Praying for the people that hurt me released the healing balm of Gilead oil and He was faithful to apply it daily until I was able to pray with joy and passion for God to move on their behalf.  I’ve been praying for them for a while but it was different tonight.  Atomic prayer…indeed.