Hearing my daughter pray for Jesus to help her be able to go to Disney World was a little like hearing nails on a chalkboard while standing in a monsoon waiting to be ate by sharks.  People with severe anxiety don’t do crowds.  And they sure don’t want to do Disney crowds, alone, at Christmas time!  But we serve a big God and I have come to understand that I better be preparing for things we pray for, so I started praying…a LOT. 

When we let God be God, He shows up in big ways!! 

Surprise! We’re going to Disney! (Click here for the surprise reveal)
God has healed me in miraculous ways!  Three years ago, I was so broken and anxiety ridden that I struggled to leave my house.  I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without dissociating or having panic attacks.  Crowds were out of the question!  When my daughter went to amusement parks, her daddy took her while I stayed trapped at home in my own mental prison.  


After three years of Spirit led therapy and hard work, trusting God when the pain felt like it was going to consume me, and allowing others into my inner circle to love me with the love of Christ, I have ended 2016 with a seasonal celebration of multiple miracles!  Yes, we celebrated Christmas on vacation but that vacation was a celebration of the birth of Christ, AND the fruit of His birth, His healing power and His love for us.  Every time I seen a nativity scene, I couldn’t help but see Jesus’ birth, death, AND resurrection in that manger.  He loves us so much!!  (P.S. that is a fun revelation to ask God for!)

It was also a celebration of being healed and whole in Christ!  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2Corinthians 5:17 

So we arrived at Disney, parked in the hero’s section of Mulan, and jumped on the monorail.  Twelve hours in a sea of Disney fanatics and ZERO anxiety!!!  We had so much fun and many times I just paused to be in awe of the joy and fun that engulfed us in the middle of all the chaos.  We barely noticed the crowd, it was as if there was a path made especially for us and we walked it confidently, boldly, and sometimes in circles, ha!  A supernatural cloud of FUN!  It’s a small world, Dumbo’s flying elephants, Goofy’s coaster, Minnie’s dance party, Frozen’s ice castle show, she had lots of favorites!  We met a family who had a little girl Kaleigh’s age.  We rode rides, had dinner, and talked with them about all the amazing things God is doing.  So much fun!!  

Did I mention it was fun??  Today, I can honestly say that I ❤️ TO HAVE FUN! 

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