Everywhere we turned, God surprised us with another blessing.  He did an amazing job at creating fun…literally. He made things happen that were not on the agenda, or even the bucket list.  He even made things happen that we had placed in the never-going-to-happen bucket.  Within the first 24 hours, He had flipped our whole vacation and rewrote the script.  He knows what we need!

I often pray for restoration and healing from broken relationships and He has brought me through so much.  But what about the relationships that you think all doors have been slammed and nailed shut forever because of the past?  I think God enjoys specializing in these types of restorations, and I love experiencing Him doing the extraordinary first hand!  Breaking negative cycles and generational curses are some of my favorite things to do.  I rejoice to know that in Christ, I have a wonderful daughter who knows she is fearfully and wonderfully made.

My daughter never met my dad or my grandfather before they died.  She did not know her dad’s father or grandfather and only has a Christmas and Easter type relationship with her dad’s stepfather.  We had accepted this and prayed that God would provide the love needed to fill those empty spaces.  He gave her a papa and nana through a lady I met at church and that has been wonderful.  He just “created” a whole new set of extended family that would be there to love us.  Anyway, I digress…sorry.

So we arrived in Florida and I had a message on my Facebook from Kaleigh’s aunt (on her dad’s side of the family) who really wanted to meet her.  I had never met her but I knew she had been watching Kaleigh grow up via Facebook.  Strangers are kinda like crowds.  People with anxiety avoid crowds…and strangers.  We don’t like meeting new people and having to figure out how to not be awkward.  Most days, I avoided meeting new people at any cost.  But God has changed me and I love meeting new people now.  That’s not to say I am good at it, I’m not.  I still struggle with the awkwardness of having to learn how to do something for the first time sometimes, but God has put a spirit of boldness in me and it’s just different now…very different!  So, I was excited to take Kaleigh to meet her great-aunt Debbie.  God was about to redeem another new relationship for us!

I love living in the Blessing and expecting the supernatural things of God to happen, but I did NOT see this coming!  We arrived at aunt Debbie’s and was greeted first by her son who was holding her adorable, barking dog, Oscar.  His fierceness was about a 0.5 but His cuteness was a 10.  Kaleigh loves animals and immediately fell in love.  We followed him around to the deck and met her aunt Debbie who hugged us, encouraged my dog to meet her dog, and drum roll please…introduced Kaleigh to her GRANDFATHER!!  My heart about leaped out of my chest.  Of all the relationships she lacks, not having a grandfather has been the hardest for me to accept. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED my great-grandfather and to see her with her dad’s father was absolutely amazing!  15731689_389485321386335_989267036_n

We even used facetime to call her dad on Christmas morning, so we had Kaleigh, her aunt Debbie, her grandpa and her daddy talking all at the same time on Christmas morning.  There was laughter, a few tears, and restoration!  What a great gift that was for everyone.  We ended up spending the whole week with them and I would say that by the time we left we were a family, but strangely, we arrived that way.

Nothing went as I had planned, but it was a very merry Christmas!  Joy abounded and love won. It was very healing for me to spend the week watching her bond with her grandfather.  I can’t think of a better memory for her to create.  God is so faithful!!!