Our church family is doing a 21 day Daniel fast together to start off 2017.  I have never done a corporate fast before and it has been quite the experience so far.  I debated on this topic being okay to write about but I really want to tell what God is doing!!

BBQ chicken…BBQ sandwich…BBQ plate…BARBEQUE.

I suppose temptation comes in all flavors when you are fasting.  I don’t even really like BBQ chicken, but I could seriously enjoy it right now…ha!

The 2nd day of a fast isn’t really the best time to make a meal plan but that’s how it went for me.  I saw a sister in Christ post a veggie pizza on Facebook…yum!  When I asked my daughter what she wanted for supper and she said pizza…score.  I stopped and picked up a hot-n-ready cheese pizza and was feeling good about my no meat, no sweets meal choice.  I arrived home, open the box of this hot, fresh, gooey cheese pizza and IT’S PEPPERONI!  Pepperoni everywhere!  Needless to say, my dog was very happy with me.

The next day, I had to take my daughter to an appointment and she was hungry afterward.  I wanted to get home.  I was hungry for more of God’s tangible presence in my living room, so I thought I would zip through a drive thru, get her a kid’s meal and be on my way.  After all, this fast was going fantastic and there is a whole other level to corporate fasting that I have never had with personal fasting.  I’ve got my Christian music playing, my daughter is singing in the backseat and life is good.  I pull up to the drive-thru sign, place my order and I’m quickly back on the road.  About 10 minutes later, I look down at the last couple bites of my cheeseburger…REALLY SHARON?? Yes, really…that fast, I totally forgot I was fasting and ate a cheeseburger.  I was not happy with myself, but isn’t that what the enemy loves?  Why be defeated twice?  So, I repented, found comfort in the fact that God knows our heart, and continued on my fast.

On Fridays, we have an additional full water/juice fast with no social media…phone, tablet, computer etc. and it included the kids.  WOW!  There are really no words for how upset my daughter was with me for taking away the internet.  She assured me she would not survive…many, many times.  I was beginning to wonder if I was going to survive without giving in.  Praise the Lord for renewed strength and the power of His name.  Thankfully, she knows that if its a matter of being obedient to the Lord, it is not optional.  Still, we were in meltdown city on the corner of attitude boulevard and tearjerker alley.  I’m pretty proud of myself that I did not give in.  Whew!

Last night we came together as a church family to have a celebration service to break the full fast and return to continuing the Daniel fast.  It was powerful!  I did not tell anyone, including my daughter, but I again prayed that God would use her powerfully for the Kingdom.  I reminded Him that I gave her to Him to do with as He wanted and that I am still committed to training her in whatever way He desires, even if it’s painful.  She is new to sitting in the sanctuary because at our last church, kids were not in the sanctuary and it’s been a difficult adjustment for her.  So every week, she sits restlessly in her seat, not participating until she can go to class.

Fasting works!!

The first thing she said to me when we walked into church this morning was that she wanted to go sit with the other kids.  I say sure, stay where I can see you and off she goes.  I’m thinking wow God, thank you so much!  But then service starts, and she comes back to me and says can I go stand at the front with them?  WOW GOD, THANK YOU!!  She stayed at the altar with the other kids until worship was over.  She came home today, after almost dying from no internet for 24 hours and decided she didn’t really want to be on the computer today.

God is so faithful!!!  Praise Him, He is worthy!!!

I can’t beleive I get to live this life!