Sometimes, everything is just hard.  There is no need to ignore it or pretend it isn’t happening.  But isn’t it wonderful that we have the power to get into the presence of God and let Him help us walk above the circumstances?

I’ve been trying to pray through some information that I wish I could unknow, but I know that I can’t unknow it, so I have to do what I know to do.  I was driving down the interstate, and I was telling the Lord that yet again the enemy is trying to distract me with a situation that continues to come back up.  I really need wisdom!  I let go of the rope.  I asked the Lord to take it from me.  I prayed for a double portion blessing to touch everyone involved. I asked God to restore their soul and bring them back to their first love.

And then the rebuke came.  Scripture started to flood my mind and I realized that I was not responding with mercy.  I was judging.  And what was the plank in my own eye?  When have I ever for even one day been without the need of mercy?  I was speaking from my mind while my heart was trying to hide and my eyes were filling with tears.

This situation doesn’t get to come into my new circumstances!  Why was I looking backward?  I don’t live there anymore.  And even if it had been about me, what did God have to say about it?  He said, “Mercy”.

He said, “that is My child, and I love them so give them mercy”.

And just like that, I got the revelation. And the forgiveness.  And the joy.  In God’s presence is the fullness of joy.

I love intercessory prayer!  It solves so many problems.  It brings breakthroughs, revelation, healing, deliverance, miracles, restoration, and it causes blind eyes to see and deaf ears to hear what the Lord doing.  There is really no limit to what the Lord can do when we stand in the gap and pray for others.

Remember the golden rule?

(Luke 6:31)  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  

I don’t know about you, but when I fall, if I get so wrapped up in sin that I can’t see my way out, I hope that people will be merciful and stand in the gap for me until God restores my soul.

We are sinners saved by grace.  We are called to freely give what was given to us.  I pray that God will empower us to do what sometimes feels “impossible”…to give mercy and grace.  Especially to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

God is LOVE.

Be like God.