Source: Devastation

I think devastation could have been a subtitle of my life for a long time.  A few who really know me would say it earns the main title with a thunderous capital D.  So when this word prompt showed up today I was conflicted on the thousand different topics I could write about.

But the answer was sleeping on my lap.  I started today seeking the Lord about taking my dog to the vet and thinking she may not get to come home.  She almost died about a year ago and I prayed so much.  I was sooo grateful that He did give me extra time with her.  He is such a good, good Father!!   But she is a senior and I honestly thought she may be having organ failure because her breathing was so labored.  She doesn’t.  She has severe pneumonia and strong antibiotics.  Praise the Lord!

Emotional devastation was avoided today.  But honestly, when I was on the phone with the emergency clinic, when I dropped her off at the vet before taking Kaleigh to school, and during the endless 45 minute drive back to the vet to check on her I cried a lot.  I really didn’t think she was going to make it this time.  But I wasn’t devastated.  God has been so faithful and  I don’t always understand how but I do understand that He always has me and He will NEVER leave me or forsake me.  He just holds me and lets me cry and it is so comforting.  It helps me grow roots and it’s often the way He manifests His supernatural peace to me.  In His presence is fullness of joy.

We must not confuse sadness with a lack of joy.  We can embrace the sadness because the joy is in Him and IS Him and that is our strength!  We can feel sad and even grieve and sometimes that’s a needed process, but always remember that no matter what you’re facing, choose to abide in Him and don’t let the enemy steal your joy!

When we love much we can be devastated much.  Love much anyway!