via Daily Prompt: Filter

I got news today that I very much dislike.  I don’t want my name brought into the situation but if it is then I have to be okay with that too.  I have to know that God has a hedge of protection around me and that nothing can happen that He won’t use for my good.  

I have to let Him be my God!  

I’m willing to accept that I have some responsibility in this.  I’m responsible for praying for God’s will to be done, to get out-of-the-way, to let God work, and to keep my mouth shut, not necessarily in that order.  

What I refuse to accept responsibility for:  everything else!  I chose to filter it right into the “Not Today Satan” box.  

Satan shoots his flaming arrows and often they come with the purpose of distraction.  If I can’t filter through what is from him and what is from God, then he has automatically distracted me and that’s a big win for him!  (Maybe even bigger than the arrow itself.)  

Has he taken my eyes off of Christ?

 Has he caused me to let my guard down and doubt?

 Has he caused me to react impulsively instead of wisely?

Has he caused me to fret, stress, panic or feel overwhelmed?

It really doesn’t matter how big or small the distraction, how serious or minor, or even how creatively he packaged it.  A distraction is a distraction is a distraction.  Different forms…one purpose.  To get my eyes off of Christ.  

But there is another filter!  Choose to filter whatever distraction he sends through the lens of the cross.  

Choose to let it be an opportunity to press into God and let your faith grow.

Choose to put on the full armor of God and stand firm.

Choose to act prayerfully and let scripture be your instruction manual.  

Choose to ask God for His peace that surpasses understanding.  (I always imagine this to be a kick in the teeth to the enemy….it’s a faith builder!)

Choose to give it to God and let Him be your God.  He’s got you! 

One last thing, if you are going to choose to filter through the cross.  Then you must not forget this one thing…

Do something fun!  Enjoy your day!  Bask in the joy of the Lord being your strength!  Take a walk, go to a movie, hug a child, call a friend, love a dog, paint a picture, do something you love!