We are 31 days into 2017 and lots of good things on this list!

  • Completed my first 21 day corporate Daniel fast
  • One of my very dear friends got saved
  • A childhood friend got married
  • Met weekly with my mentor
  • Josie got to meet Jesus
  • Minnie got to come live with us
  • Discovered I love Chai tea
  • Enrolled Kaleigh in an amazing school
  • Started following a structured schedule and reclaimed a lot of wasted time
  • Making A’s in both my classes
  • Did some ministry things afraid and learned so much
  • Vision, purpose, and goals are in alignment, on paper, and moving forward
  • Consistently maintained my blog
  • Kaleigh signed up for soccer

Yay God!!  He has guided my steps and helped me accomplish much!!