This has been the best day. We accomplished so much! I love when God makes a clear decision for my path. It makes me feel so relaxed and at peace when I can check a decision off my list with confidence that I’m doing the next thing right.

I have always heard people say when God closes a door He opens a window. I used to hate that saying but now I imagine that it is the window of the storehouse of Heaven… I imagine the door shutting, creating a drafty wind that blows my blessings out the window and right down from the Lord to me. Sometimes I image a slightly large Heaven size boulder being thrown out that window to block my path and keep me safe from making a big mistake. I’m so thankful for both. But seriously, He does open the windows of Heaven and pours out the Blessing for me. He may say yes, no, not yet, wait on me, or sometimes He says, “My dear child, please let go with both hands so I can make it amazing!”

My dad was never there growing up but my oh goodness does my Heavenly Father take super good care of me!! It’s so fun to let Him have that role and let Him help me make wise decisions. Some kids did that with their earthly dad growing up and I was always jealous of that. For me, I have a lot of years to make up for. That’s what makes it so wonderful that He lets me climb up in His lap and talk with Him about what I’m thinking about doing and He helps me…He gives me divine Fatherly wisdom.

When God says no it makes me feel special.

He loves me enough to protect me even when He knows it won’t feel good in the moment.  And He gives me parental guidance in other ways as well. He creates family for me! I had a very small family growing up but now it’s much bigger! My spiritual family is so divinely created. I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ it!!!  I can’t believe I really get to live this life!!