I have had all these great ideas floating around in my head for a while now and no clear direction on what to do with them.

Today, I have clarity!  I have a plan!  I have a big dream!  I have a big God!  I have a seed!

There was a particular moment during praise and worship on a Sunday morning that forever changed my life.  We were singing a song by Hillsong called To The Ends Of The Earth and the words became very real to me.  I knew that I would give up everything I had to tell His story.  I resolved that day that I would go anywhere He asked me to go.  About six months later, He had prepared me well and He asked me to go.

“To The Ends Of The Earth”
Love unfailing
Overtaking my heart
You take me in
Finding peace again
Fear is lost
In all you are

And I would give the world to tell Your story
Cause I know that You’ve called me
I know that You’ve called me
I’ve lost myself for good within Your promise
I won’t hide it
I won’t hide it

Jesus, I believe in You
And I would go to the ends of the earth
To the ends of the earth
For You alone are the Son of God
And all the world will see
That You are God
You are God

He has moved me to a new city with a new church family, new friends, and a completely new life.  It has been the most amazing three months of my life!!!  The doors He is opening has been dreams come true.

I never imagined that I would step so far out of the boat that I would be too far from the shore to turn back.  I am soooo thankful that I did!

I find myself in this new Promised Land with too many changes to list.  The only constant is God’s faithfulness. I spent three years in therapy learning how to step outside of my comfort zone and trust that God would always have my back.  Now, I’m stepping out again.  I made the decision today to put action to one of the ideas God has given me.  I have no idea how to do it.  I have no idea where the money will come from.  I have no idea what the process will look like.  But I know that I serve a big God and it is time to be obedient.  So I took the first step and requested a meeting be scheduled.

It’s a season of opportunity!  He gave me a seed.  He gave me a great idea of how to bring help to many people.  I could not be more excited!  It’s time to plant and see what He grows.  I really love the exhilaration that comes from serving God one step at a time and not knowing the next step until I’ve been obedient with taking the first one.

Seed planted on February 12th, 2017.  Let the supernatural growth begin!