Every day has the potential to be amazing.  We watch from the outside and think that life is great for our leaders, pastors, teachers, mentors, etc.. We associate smiles with success and money with happiness but what do we really SEE? 

 I think sometimes about what people would see in my life from the outside looking in.  Can they see the miracles and blessings, the peace and love, the joy and thanksgiving that wants to burst out of me sometimes?  Can they see Jesus?

Can they see the pain I feel when I see my child sick?  Or the tears that fall when I look at pictures of my dog?  Can they see the struggle that comes with being a single mom?  Can they see me fall 7 times, but get up 8?  Can they see Jesus?

My life is amazing and I do have great joy and peace that surpasses understanding.  I walk in Blessing and live a highly favored life.  But sometimes people confuse blessed with easy.  Serving God is not always easy, but it is very worth it.  

When I look from the outside at people I know who are struggling and in pain, it hurts my heart.  I wish I could take their pain away and make the hard decisions for them.  I wish I could let them skip the blessed pain of surrender and healing, collect 200.00 and Pass Go…right up to the mountain top.  But the obedience of surrender is where it becomes real and you really fall in love with the only One you need.  For some, I wish I could give them my faith so that they could feel my Savior’s love for them.  I wish I could hand them my developed relationship with the Holy Spirit so that they could experience the companionship and intimacy of relationship with Him.  Then they would understand how amazingly worth it it is to surrender to the God who loves them deeply.  I need them to know that if they were the only person on earth, He would have still sent His Son to die on the cross for their sins so that they would have an opportunity to be forgiven and restored to right fellowship with Him.

Sometimes we look at someone and think we could never be like them.  We don’t realize that we are seeing them after Jesus has saved them and cleaned them up.  We don’t see the old life of sin that we could relate to so we think they wouldn’t understand what we have been through.  But they do!  We really do!  We are all the same, born as sinners desperately in need of a savior.  

Seek the Lord with all your heart and you will find Him!