against (all) the odds Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms

  also against all odds:

If you do or achieve something against all the odds, you do or achieve it although there were a lot of problems and you were not likely to succeed Against all the odds, she conceived her first child at the age of 56. He struggled against the odds to keep his business going during the recession.
I love this idiom!  It speaks volumes and unites individuals from every continent.  We have all experienced what it feels like to beat the odds in one way or another.  We have also experienced what it feels like for the odds to defeat us.
I have gone against the odds many times and accomplished things I never imagined possible.  It’s been the story of my life.  The definition is fitting, except for that example, I will not be having a child at 56. Ha!
Going up against all odds is once again my current situation.  Charting new territory and being super excited fights with my self-doubt and the huge possibility that I am simply incapable of achievement on the levels required to change the world.
God gave me a vision and I had a plan, a goal, a direction to go and off I went.  But now…now I have arrived.  I stand at a new door, the door of destiny.  I’m not even sure which side of it I’m currently standing on, but most days, I think I have already stepped inside.  The whirlwind of fear that can be so easily quenched with the spoken Word hints at a glorious place.
Regardless, if I am at the door, in the doorway, or stumbling across the room inside.  The fact of the matter is…against all odds, I have arrived.  And it is amazing!  And scary!  And beyond my wildest dreams!  It’s all these things simply because it’s impossible and yet in Christ, I’m doing it!  And that’s what makes it so wonderful!  It is soooo far beyond my ability that every accomplishment will give ALL the glory, honor, and praise to Him.
So many people said it couldn’t be done.  My name should probably be at the top of that list.  Now, everyone that knows me just stands back in awe at what the Lord is doing.  It is not me, no way could I do this in my own strength, It is none of me and all of Him.
I’m starting to get the hang of this list thing and it is very helpful.  So, I have a list!
I will continue to add to it until I meet on Wednesday to discuss my ideas with a professional in the field.  Yes…that’s really happening!  God is so good!
Pray big prayers, expect great things, let God work outside of your box!  He is doing it for me and He will do it for you too!!
Against The Odds, get ready world, I am here!