via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

It’s that heart-stirring awe that seems to send my roots a little deeper each time God meets me where I am and miraculously takes me where He is asking me to go. It happens in steps of obedience and He graciously keeps them simple.

The hundreds of life changing moments that God has used to move me from glory to glory over the last three years float around in my head as an unrhythmical hot mess in desperate need of refined expression.  Today, I think I met someone that can help me create a 14-16 part orchestra.

It felt like we placed another stone on the path, the next rhythmic step towards my God-given destiny.  If something feels so far fetched that people would laugh if they only knew what I was thinking come out of my mouth with boldness, I can be sure it is not coming from me.  It is God that has put a spirit of boldness in me.

The moment I heard myself request the meeting, I knew the only thing to do was soak up as much time in His presence as I could until we met.  I knew God had a plan and anything He does with divine alignment is always amazing.  When I know I have to do something afraid, I spend more time in my Bible, then the bolder I feel, the more audacious I get, and the farther out on the water I want to go.  Sometimes, it’s all so much that I have to regroup and explore the Blessing that He pours out from the windows of heaven for me.  Pray big prayers, God has ALL the resources!  Why have a five-year plan to share God’s love, hope, and healing with my whole town when I know I’m called to the nations?

I am so excited and so thankful for everything I learned today!  A lot of hard work ahead, but I’m completely okay with that.  There is no better work than to advance the Kingdom of God and set the captives free!

I’m in this meeting listening to this man talk and I am so in awe of how God continues to connect all the right dots at just the right time, that I forgot to even consider that I was not scared of the stranger I had never met before that all my parts would have run away from.  Who the Son sets free, is free indeed!

My therapist worked for over two years to try to teach me how to have fun.  Today was fun.  Being obedient when I don’t know what the next door I will walk through will be is fun.  It’s exhilarating!  I am so blessed to get to live this life.  The Lord has changed me and I will serve Him forever!!