via Daily Prompt: Record

I’m currently working on a project that will put the most daunting, horrifying, healing, redeeming, moments of my life on display.  A public record of all the heartache, the tragedy, and the glory to glory moments that brought me to where I stand today.

I journal a lot.  I use to hate it, probably because I was being asked to do it by therapists, but I am so thankful they pushed me to do it!  They are so beneficial both during and after the process.  I hope I never decide to stop journaling.  I have been reading back through some of them from the last three years.  Part of my project requires that I upload them to a shareable format.  Looking back, some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me sad, but almost all of it makes me say, “Wow God!”

It really builds my faith to go back and read step by step how God redeemed me when I had been so broken that really nobody had any hope of things ever getting better.  Nobody will ever convince me that God’s hand is not in every part of my life, working things together for my good, and going before me opening doors that no man can shut.

His timing is perfect.  He knew when I was healed enough to step into this level of ministry.  I should graduate from Liberty University in about year.  The project I am working on will be ready around that same time.  He led me to change my major and I did not know why I felt so strongly about doing that at the time, but now I can see how it all fits together perfectly.  The other degree, while great for many, would have been a waste for me and the calling He is revealing for my life as I walk with Him.

I tend to look at my journals and think “wow God, look at all the miracles you did!”  I am trying to remember that this whole project, from the first meeting to the storyboard, to recording, to going public, and all the work in between will also require Him to continue to do miracles and move me from glory to glory.  I am so far in over my head that I am convinced that to live is Christ and to die is gain.  There is nothing left but HIM and He is so worthy!!

I am honored to record the pain and the amazing power of the love of Christ to heal and restore.  I will most gladly bare the journey for the world to see if it will set even one captive free.  I have no idea how or where this process will go but I know He is faithful and I have let go of the rope and taken His hand.

He has changed me and I will serve Him forever.