via Daily Prompt: Denial

Today’s word prompt, “denial” makes me sad.  I spent most of my life living in denial and now that I am walking in the Blessing and God is doing amazing things, there are times like today that I find myself feeling challenged to deny how wonderful it feels and how incredible it is to know that I am loved so much, and if not deny, then at least minimize.  I have not had anyone confront me on the joy that wants to explode out of me, but the enemy is constantly reminding me that nobody wants to hear how everything is always great.  And it’s not that I don’t have hard things to deal with.  Everyone does and I am no exception.  I paid a high price to pass through the wilderness into where I am actually walking out my calling.   The pain of what I had to walk away from can be relentless and I am not in denial about that.  But I also can’t deny that the fullness of joy that is only found in the presence of the Lord is so worth it!  It causes living waters to want to rush out of me as if a dam just burst.  living-water

But the biggest reason it makes me sad is because there are so many people who are in denial about Christ.  The cost of the cross has been on my mind heavily lately and it breaks my heart that people deny Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  I wish everyone could experience what I am experiencing today but the truth is that it takes work and commitment.  It takes sacrifice and denial of self and sadly there are people who will never willingly surrender while on this earth.

Regardless, God sent His Son to die on the cross and Jesus walked through being mocked, beat, spit on, having His beard plucked out, having a crown of thorns pushed down on His head, and more.  Yet, He willingly went to the cross because of love.  Perfect love never fails and Christ is perfect love.  So when people deny Him, it hurts Him and that hurts me.  And it hurts my heart to know that they are missing out on a personal relationship with a Savior that loves them extravagantly.

Worse than that, is that the people who are in denial about needing a Savior are going to Hell.  They are and there is no use in pretending they aren’t.  People that you and I know, people we love deeply will spend eternity burning in Hell if they do not come out of denial, confess their sins, and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  People need the Lord and the Lord needs His people to rise up and declare the glory of God.

How can I be a light on a hill, how I can bring light into the darkness if I minimize how amazing it is to be a child of God?  I cannot deny that there is a joy in my soul that is bubbling up out of me.  I know we will have problems until Jesus returns (which is going to be soon) but until He does, I think I will just have to be bubbly.  I can’t minimize what God is doing in my life.  It would be very unfair and selfish because He is not a respecter of persons, everything that He is doing for me, He will do for you too!  You are never more than one step away from surrender.

1 Peter 2:9  But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.  

I say rise up!  Let your light shine!  Let people see Christ in you!