via Daily Prompt: Measure.

We all subconsciously measure what is important to us.  We carry around our scales and measure things…good or bad, like or dislike, love or hate, tasty or yuck, treasure or trash and so forth.  None of us use the same scales and yet we all measure the same way.  We measure against knowledge, experience, and emotions…or the lack thereof.  We measure to gauge how hungry we are, how much to eat, and when we have eaten too much.  We measure the cost of work, the cost of family, and the cost of friends.  We always measure loss.  We sometimes say we don’t but if we are honest, we do.  We would be robots if we did not consider how the world weighs on our decisions and outcomes in life.  We measure our treasures, our joys, and our excitement.

I’ve always thought “on a scale of 1-10” is the worst gauge of all.  I don’t think I have ever used that scale the same way twice.  A 5 yesterday may be a 3 tomorrow and a 7 next week.  Are you asking me before or after coffee?  Am I hungry or tired?  Am I angry or frustrated?  That number 5 is at best a floating number highly dependent on what is happening that day because what is happening at the moment is going to tip the scales.

Nothing is free.


We must measure the cost.

Salvation is a free GIFT.  It is free to us but it was not free for Christ.  Jesus paid much too high a price for us to forget what it cost Him.  Because of what He paid, I am brought to the first thought that came to mind with this word prompt.  I was in a therapy session and a therapist asked if she could pray for me.  She used the words, “God, I ask you even right now in this moment that you would give her a measure of healing and comfort.”  A measure.  This was profound to me.  I can use a measure to walk out in faith another measure and another measure.  Before I know it, my faith is built up and I’m walking in total healing.  Sometimes, we can’t afford to have instant full healing because we would miss the perseverance that is developed in trials, we would miss the intimacy that we only reach when we know that He is all we have and we must seek His face.  In His mercy, God does not always heal us instantly but He is faithful and He gives us His very best when we let Him.

I am extremely grateful for the measure of healing He gave me each day as I walked out this 3 year season of therapy.  I would have missed so much if He had spoken “Be healed” and it was over.  In some cases, He did do that.  In every surrender, and on every new level, the time between dying to my self-will and His resurrection of my brokenness was short.  Jesus died on the cross and in three days He rose again.  Surrender is a lot like that.  Once you truly reach it, the time between your brokenness and your healing isn’t very long.  A lot can happen in three days!