via Daily Prompt: Spike.

A chart of my current emotional state would show a drastic need for an increase in patience, but there is no spike there.  The chart flows gradually downward as I watch my cat in heat.  Thankfully she sleeps now, but only after fully waking me at 4:30 am.  Three days in and all I can do is wait till Monday when she will be fixed.  It was on the list of things to do as soon as I got us settled in our new place.  In the midst of trying to move is apparently not the best time to bring home a new cat.

Hindsight is 20/20.

It does help that we love animals.  She is a beautiful cat and full of personality.  My daughter named her Crystal, then Shadow Kit, then Shadow, but Crystal stuck.  A fitting name for a valuable cat, I’m very grateful to have her.  She is good for me, demanding my attention and causing me to slow down and notice the importance of being present in the moment.  On the hard days when I miss my dog, she reminds me that after losing someone, there will always be someone new that needs love.

While her being in heat can challenge my patience, on that same chart, a few rows down you would find my level of compassion has steadily spiked as I have many times thought over the last three days that I am SO glad I am not a cat!