via Daily Prompt: Harmony.

There are practical things that I know work for me to create harmony in my life.  I love walking in the supernatural and experiencing the Blessing that comes with being sold out to God.  It’s very exciting, but I have learned that most of the miraculous experiences come in how I live out my daily routine.  Nobody wants to live in discord and chaos, including the Holy Spirit.  My relationship with Him is directly related to the small things I do every day to bring harmony.

How many times did we fold and unfold letters into a neat little square with the last corner tucked into the perfect triangle finish before passing it on to someone in class? How many times did we take those notes out and read them again because they were from our BFFs?  Or, how many times did we read the same letter over and over when it said “do you like me?  Check yes or no”?  It was our special way of communicating with someone we valued.

God used the Bible to write us the most amazing love letter ever.  If I want true harmony in my life, if I want to say all is well with my soul no matter what is happening around me, then I have to untuck the corner, open up the letter and read it every day.

I know today’s kids have replaced letter writing with texting.  I think our lives would be so much better if we had the Holy Spirit listed as one of our contacts and every time we had to hurry up and text someone to tell them what just happened, we sent Him a text first.  I am always hungry for a deeper relationship with Him.  I think I will test this theory.

I have to cultivate an atmosphere for a relationship with the Holy Spirit so that I have somewhere to plant my feet and stand firm when the storms come.  Everyone has their own ways of creating harmony in their lives.  For me, it is starting my day with prayer and scripture.  If I can get those two things accomplished with my morning coffee, I can confidently say no matter what happens, all is well with my soul.