via Daily Prompt: Trace.  I gave my testimony last night and it still amazes me every time I think about how thoroughly I can trace God’s hand in my healing.  He lined up AMAZING things for me that continue to unfold even to this day.  I realized for the first time as I heard the Holy Spirit say through me that my name was on God’s mind way back when He had someone prophesy over my therapist years before I ever met her.  That wasn’t in my notes or my thoughts, and it came as a revelation to me.  I knew He had a plan but I’ve never got to see it play out and come together over a decade before! When He told her that she would pull people out of a pit with a rope, He already planned that to include me.  I can’t even fathom having a plan today that would play out and still be playing out ten years later.  But God does!  He is so faithful!!  This week will be part of a plan that I can actually identify Him starting over ten years ago.  And I can see how all throughout those ten years, many things that happened was for such a time as this.  I love Him so much!!