via Daily Prompt: Expectation

This is a season of opportunity.  I have the expectation that great things are going to happen!  I take steps forward, I do things afraid, and I have great faith that God has divinely aligned my steps to walk firmly in my destiny.  I can see Him opening doors all around me.  He has led me from the wilderness to the promised land and I can’t even explain the joy that comes from knowing He is always, always going to take care of me.

I have the expectation that God will supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory.  He has provided the perfect home for me in this new town.  He has the perfect income opportunities, the perfect connections, and perfect timing.  He knows what we need and He is so faithful!  I expect to walk in the Blessing God has for me.

I also have the expectation that the enemy will come against me with everything he has in his bag of schemes.  I hate him, and I hate that he is always lurking around trying to kill, steal, and destroy!  I get really sick of him, I get tired, I get weary, and sometimes I cry.  But I expect to wake up to new mercies every morning, to be an overcomer and walk in all that God has for me despite his schemes.

Overall, my expectations are pretty simple.  I expect to wake up every day and live in the love of the One who died for me.  I expect to have trials and tribulation in this world and I expect that God will use all of them for my good.  I expect to walk in the Blessing and I expect every day to be divinely supernatural.