via Daily Prompt: Create

I love to create!  There’s something magical about creating something out of nothing.  I also love to upcycle things and create a new purpose for unwanted items.  Working on crafts and creating random things that express how I feel helps me so much!  Most of the time, nobody ever sees the end results because I’m still working on my perfectionism, but I have learned that its okay to be proud of something unperfect that I’ve accomplished.  It’s a good thing!  I didn’t always think so and I used to be embarrassed if someone complimented my creations.  Today, I can look at them and smile and think, “Wow Sharon, you did a great job on that!”  I used to think that was prideful but now I understand that it is not.  I am created in the image of God.  He is the perfect Creator!  So, of course, my love for creating comes from Him and being like my Father is a blessing!  He looked at His creations and said they were good.  He was not prideful…they were very good!!

For me, crafting brings me into a special secret place of intimacy with God.  Listening to a sermon or praise and worship music, while working with my hands to create allows my mind more freedom from distraction to soak it all up and really hear to understand and apply what I’m hearing.  It takes me into a quiet, happy place of childlike expectancy and prayer.  It is relaxing and gives me the feeling of “going home” to my Father’s house for an evening visit.  I truly love it.  I wish I would have taken pictures of some of the things we made.  I don’t always remember the details of what they ended up looking like, but I will always treasure the sweet feeling that came with giving them to their recipient. I can look back at all the little crafts we created during our healing, even the childish ones and see how beneficial they were to us.  And now they hold the precious memories of the miracles that came with the healing.  I hope when the people who have them look at them, they remember how amazingly kind, merciful, and loving God was as He poured out His healing power into me through them.  It reminds me of the saying, “don’t put God in a box.”  It’s true, we miss out on so much when we do that.  He can absolutely use our old “junk” from around the house to minister to us in beautifully creative ways.  He’s amazing like that!!