via Daily Prompt: Blossom

I’ve had people tell me they love watching me blossom.  I know they had the very best of intentions but I just didn’t get it.  That word creeped me out!  Flowers blossom.  I am not a flower.  Flowers are delicate and beautiful with a lovely aroma. People appreciate, care for, and admire flowers.  They bring them into their homes and enjoy the way it changes the atmosphere just to have them in the room.  I couldn’t relate to any of that!  Sadly, broken people don’t feel much like flowers.

But God has changed me.  I totally get it today!  I see it in my child and in the people that God has placed in my path and allows me to share in their journey.  I get it and I love it!  People can absolutely blossom and be everything wonderful that flowers represented in my mind.  People are worth celebrating.

Today, I celebrated my birthday and I actually CELEBRATED it.  I allowed this day to feel special and I thought about all the wonderful things that God has changed in me.  To be uncomfortably honest…I have blossomed.  That’s not easy for me to say but to deny it is to deny the many miracles and amazing work God has done in my life.  God has changed me so much.  If each change was a petal on a flower it would take the rose parade to represent His faithfulness.

One of the changes comes around birthdays.  I’ve never been one to celebrate.  I never had the big fantastic birthday parties every little girl dreams about.  I never felt I was worthy of celebrating and the attention being on me gave me great anxiety.  All that started to change four years ago when my therapist helped me stay present for a little mini party that my friends did for me. Cassie was begging for a party and a balloon to release to Heaven…I was not having it.  But God had a good plan, she got both and that became a life-changing day for me.

It’s been a wonderful day!  A happy birthday indeed!!

Praise the Lord!