via Daily Prompt: Dash



We held a community outreach at our church yesterday that allowed us to serve our community in a fun way.  We got to love people by giving away free drinks and snacks and providing a fun place to watch the fireworks, listen to great music, shop vendors, enter a drawing for free cash giveaways, and spend time with family.  The kids got to enjoy free bounce houses and face painting.  The Hickory Crawdad’s put on a fantastic fireworks show.

We had a drawing for two visa cards, one for 250.00 and one for 500.00.  Free entry, they just filled out a ticket and dropped it in the bucket.  One ticket per person must be 18 years old and present to win.  Fun and simple!  We made a point to really stir the tickets up in front of everyone as a way to stir the excitement and make sure it was fair.  The winning tickets were drawn about 15 minutes apart by different kids who were randomly chosen from the audience.  God is so faithful!  He had a plan for those visa cards and His hand was obviously the one that chose the winning tickets.  Those tickets were stirred up so many times throughout the evening!!  The first ticket for 250.00 went to a lady in the front row who was holding a newborn baby.  The second ticket for 500.00 went to the same lady’s husband!  God blessed that family and I don’t know what His purpose for the money was but its so much fun to be a part of God’s perfect plan!

k and libertySo, back to the “dash”.  As we were preparing for this event there was the most precious kitten wondering around the parking lot.  I was afraid it would dash out in front of a car and get killed.  I could NOT let that happen!!  Thankfully, my mentor has the sweetest husband and she had him come get the kitten and keep it safe for me until the event was over.  We made a trip to the vet this morning to get rid of the million and one fleas on it and get it dewormed etc.  It has the calmest demeanor and is estimated to be 11 weeks old.  Coming home from the vet, we didn’t even keep him in the carrier.  He slept peacefully on my daughter’s lap like only a champion car rider can manage.  Not even a meow!  We named him Liberty since we found him on July 4th and I think it fits him perfectly.  He certainly feels free to be himself and doesn’t have a concern in the world.  It also reminds me of one of my favorite verses.

John 8:36 So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

We had a fantastic Independence Day celebration.  We are so blessed!