As I sat down this evening to work, I asked the Lord to remind me why I do what I do.  He took me back to a song that changed the trajectory of my life forever.  I replayed the song and it was as if I was transported back to that day and it was so real that I could feel it all over again just as it happened.  The anointing is the most wonderful feeling.  Michelle was at the keyboard, Mike was playing his guitar, hands were lifted and the atmosphere was sweet.  Then we moved to the next song and I let someone else do the slides, I walked down out of the booth and I lost myself in the worship.  I went vertical.  It was only me, the Lord, and the Lyrics.  I had heard the song before, raised my hands and sung it with a worshipful heart but this day was different.  This day I had come to the end of myself, I was ready.  The music was playing and others were singing but I was having a conversation with my Heavenly Father.  A thousand images ran through my mind of what it really meant to be willing to go to the ends of the earth.  I had conquered the no AC or hot water, the possibility of eating rice every day in the name of culture to reach the lost.  I had surrendered my car, my television, the internet and even the indoor plumbing.  But this day I surrendered all.  I said, “whatever it takes, Lord, I’ll go” and in that moment He ran pictures of me saying goodbye to my family, my inner circle, my best friend, my therapist, and my church family.  Just quick flashes of as if I was leaving to be sent out for ministry.  In that moment, to those flashes as much as I knew it would hurt, I said, “Okay”.  I didn’t know when or how it would happen but I left church knowing that I would get to go.  When I gave Him my answer, He said, “Okay”.  I knew what it meant.  It meant thank you, I love you, I’m proud of you, you are My child, mostly it meant “let’s do this!”  To say yes to God is to walk a path that He saturates with His supernatural abiding love.  I love Him so much!  His plan has already in just a couple of years been more than I could have imaged I would get to experience in a lifetime.  I am reminded tonight of why I do what I do.  There is a dying and lost world that needs to know that God loves them and there really is a way to get from the pit of hell to abide in His supernatural perfect love as a way of everyday life.  I needed to hear that!  Others need to hear it too.  He loves us so much!!  Time is short, we must be about our Father’s business and set the captives free.