via Daily Prompt: Gate

I am reminded that it’s in my weakness God is strong.  I’ve been evaluating the atmosphere of my home today.  We must be the gate-keeper.  It’s so important to know what is coming in our homes and what we allow to stay.  I just had a conversation with my child about a new Netflix show she wants to watch.  It’s hard to explain to a ten-year-old why she can’t watch a show that comes up under the kids listing but it is sometimes necessary.  The television is a big gateway into our home, both for good and bad.  We must have control of what is allowed to enter our atmosphere and when something comes in that shouldn’t we put a stop to it immediately.  Music and tv shows playing in the background does change the atmosphere for better or for worse, choose wisely.

I woke up with a stirring in my spirit to command the atmosphere in my home today.  To evaluate each room and look for creative, fresh ideas of how to update the feel of the room so that it stays a welcoming place to spend time with family and to spend time with the Lord.  Have you ever just walked into a room and felt the presence of the Lord?  Or walked into a place and thought, wow I could stay here forever?  That’s how I want my home to feel.

Doing something different can be good self-care for me.  Rearrange a couple of pieces of furniture, add fresh flowers, light some candles, open the blinds, play a favorite CD, use the good china, switch out blankets and sheets for a fresh look, or have a hot cup of tea for no reason at all.

For me, self-care includes having a clean, organized home.  I don’t always accomplish that but it’s always a goal.  When I had parts I really struggled in this area.  Now that I have integrated I see it very differently.  It’s a process that I’ve been working on for the last year.  It’s an area that I have really had to learn a lot of things for the first time because my child parts never gained those skills.  I’ve realized that my home is my sanctuary that I get to decorate however I want and after I make it amazing I get to spend time here every single day.  It’s my special place that I get to make memories, build relationships, relax, refuel, and just BE.  The Bible says, “BE still and know that I am God.”

I don’t have a physical gate around my home but I certainly have a spiritual one that I use to keep out what is not of God.  I do not allow negativity to unpack and camp out in my home.  I continue to grow in this area.  When people enter my home, I want them to be able to relax, have a good time, and leave refreshed.

Therefore, I choose to get rid of the clutter.  I decree and declare that my home is my blessed sanctuary where the presence of the Lord abides heavily.