via Daily Prompt: Fragrance

Fragrances are strange, clearly seen in all shapes and sizes of beautiful perfume bottles yet appearing as invisible and weightless when used.  When I was in therapy there were certain smells that were comforting and I could use them as grounding techniques to calm myself down and sometimes to prevent dissociating if I was aware of the trigger soon enough.  Certain smells remind me of things that I love and I will purposely fill my home with those fragrances.  Babies can identify their mother by her fragrance, it is unique to that relationship and part of the foundation of their special bond.  We pass a bakery and it triggers childhood memories of hot apple pie on cold winter days.  Okay, not really but I imagine that’s how most of the world perceives it happens for everyone else but them.  The fragrance of rain can bring a freshness and calm upon the earth and a certain type of flower is often our favorite because of its sweet fragrance.

Before I healed I used to randomly smell a certain triggering smell.  A smell that came from nowhere and smelled just like the man who abused me.  It could happen anywhere at any time and I never did figure out what caused it.  It would increase my heart rate and cause me to feel as if I wanted to run away like I needed to get out of my skin.  I’m not even sure it was a real smell.  Nobody else could smell it and that was very frustrating!  I haven’t smelled it again since I fully integrated and I hope I never do ever again.

Then there is a smell that I have never smelled that I desperately long to experience.  I’ve heard other people talk about it but I must experience it for myself.  I want to smell the presence of the Lord.  I’ve been told it can smell like roses.  Perhaps the rose of Sharon.  I pray for it, I seek it, I have got to experience His presence in other ways but I look forward to the day that I get to smell Him as well.

Ylang-Ylang is one of my favorite oils, it smells amazing and has a natural calming effect.  As far as favorite fragrances go, I LOVE lavender!  I like lots of smells and I like how they relate to the seasons.  Pumpkin spice in the Fall, Cinnamon in the winter, lighter flowery fragrances in the spring and fresh cotton or ocean breeze in summer.  I love that smells are relational and universal, a wonderful gift from God.  We have an amazing Creator!