via Daily Prompt: Penchant

I’m a very passionate person and you could say I have a penchant for seeing people healed and set free.  This week God has opened an amazing door and I’m super excited about it!  I’ve been on disability since 2010 and it has always been my goal to get off of it as soon as I was healed enough.  It has been a blessing but as I have healed and accomplished new things, I have moved into a position where I want to try to start working part-time.

Of course, this created a dilemma because who wants to take a risk on hiring someone who is so broken that they need to be on disability?  I don’t blame them, I understand it.  People only know what they know and mental illness gets a bad rap for many different reasons.  Some of those reasons are fair and some are not.  Just like life.  So, I went to God and ask Him what to do about work?  Am I really ready?  Have I lost my mind?  Is this my illness playing tricks on my mind again?  I really feel ready.  What am I doing, Lord?  Show me what to do?


Soon I received information about becoming a Certified Peer Support Specialist.  I had never heard of this job title so I did some research.  Can I tell you how good my God is??  Not only has He sent me to somewhere that will not judge me for my mental illness or look down on me for being on disability, but He took it to a whole new level and sent me to become a Peer Support Specialist where having a mental illness is REQUIRED to even take the class or apply for a job.  Being in sustained recovery from a mental illness is what makes me an expert for this position.

Yes!  You read that correctly.  God is so good!!

I’ve been taking a 40-hour class this week for it.  There are an additional 20-hours required but my counseling classes at Liberty count for that part so that’s taken care of too.  This is the perfect job for me.  Having the opportunity to help people that are struggling the same ways I did find their own healing journey is so amazing!! There is always a long waiting list for this class because in most places it costs several hundred dollars but here its free except for the 30.00 manual because this company really believes in the need for peer support.  I only found out about it 2 1/2 weeks ago, but I got the application done, took it to the post office with my mentor and we prayed over it before mailing it.  We prayed that God would open the door if it was from Him and that He would shut it if it wasn’t.  God’s favor is amazing, He didn’t just open the door, He also put me in the first scheduled class with no waiting.  He moved me right to the top of the list!

I love Him so much!  I don’t know what this new assignment will look like but I know it will be perfect for me because He is going before me and making my path straight!  It goes right along with my ministry stuff that I was planning to do for free.  I’ve always heard that if you are walking in your calling, you are getting paid for work that you would gladly do for free.  Praise the Lord!!

(ON A SIDE NOTE)  I want to share that I stopped blogging because my computer stopped charging.  The port that I plug the charger into came unattached to the base so it was pushing it too far inside and not connecting.  I needed my computer!  So, I got it out and laid my hands on it and prayed.  Immediately, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to fold up a piece of paper into a stiff square and take the back off the computer and slip the paper behind where the port should be staying so that it can’t be pushed backward.  I did that and here I am, back on my computer!  No problems, He knows what we need and His timing is perfect.  This happened the day before my class at Liberty started back.  Yay God!!  Even the smallest of things that concern us concerns Him too.