via Daily Prompt: Silent

This word prompt makes me smile.  I used to purposefully stay silent.  Silent and invisible was the safest way to exist and I did it well.  It’s a little harder to accomplish today.  Silence is a funny thing for me.  Getting quiet and still before the Lord makes me want to go out and be heard by anyone that will listen.  It overflows into the mundane tasks of my daily life and sometimes just bursts out of me.  Even the things I’m experiencing for the first time no longer have the ability to silence me.  And when I am quiet for any extended amount of time, I’m usually talking to the Lord inside so I don’t know if that even counts?

Today, I was at a family Christmas party for over four hours.  My face may or may not hurt from smiling so much.  God is so very faithful!  I’m so excited about what He is doing!!!!  It was only a year ago that I walked away from everything I knew and loved when God asked me to move to a new town.  The only thing I had left was God.  I did not doubt His ability but His timeline has completely blown me away.  This is our first Christmas in our new home and it has already been amazing!!  God has established us in this new town with many people who impact our lives in a wonderful way.  He has opened doors for ministry and financially blessed us in so many ways.  He has ordained relationships and planted us in not one family but two.  He truly is a good, good Father!  This is not to stay that this new “family” has replaced my own immediate family.  I’m so excited about my mom coming into town to stay with us for Christmas.  God has also blessed our relationship and it is the best its ever been.  We will be attending church together and she will get to watch her granddaughter play Mary in the Christmas program.  She will also be here Christmas morning.  She will have coffee, watch Kaleigh open presents and say the food is great even if it tastes awful.  Hosting Christmas dinner is a first for me, but I’m believing God can even anoint me to accomplish that!  He has not replaced my family but added to it and given us people that are living nearby that can do everyday life with us that includes that special family feeling.

I have gained the best mentor, godly friends who cause me to hunger more for God, a whole new family, seasoned, wonderful leaders, and even a couple sweet pets in 2017.  Merry Christmas to me!

Today’s party was with one of the new families that God has given us.  I was not feeling very shy and I was not quiet.  I was not nervous about going and I was not dreading things that could possibly go wrong.  I was too busy smiling, laughing, and feeling amazing to remember to be silent…or even quiet.  That’s probably hard for some people to believe as some days I still sit in awe myself just thinking about it.  God has healed me so much and it feels really good to truly belong.  I watched my child interact and participate with complete ease and she feels so loved by them.  It’s a God thing!!  He. Is. So. Faithful!!

We are blessed and highly favored!!  I can’t believe I get to live this life!  I can not be silent  🙂