via Daily Prompt: Winsome


Definition of winsome

1: generally pleasing and engaging often because of a childlike charm and innocence

  • a winsome smile

winsomely adverb

winsomeness noun

Ok, so I had to assume that winsome did not mean that I win-some… Win some what? If I win some then I must lose some.  I will not go down that rabbit trail.  It was wise to look it up.  Now that I know what it means, I want to write this amazing post about it that will wow everyone.  Super excited about doing that!  But, I got nothing when it comes to ideas of what to write about winsome.
Have you ever heard this word used?  Extra brownie points if you have used it!
I suppose the outside cat, Midnight, that came to live here is feeling somewhat winsome right now.  It is a feeling, right?  I’d say he is at least feeling cheerful and lighthearted as he sleeps on a fleece blanket beside my computer.  I don’t normally let him in, he is not my cat.  But my heart can’t take it, it’s getting down in the single digits at night.  That’s colder than normal for us and I’m just not fully convinced that the heated cat house on my porch will keep his ears warm in those temps.  My cats that actually do live here continue to gather in the hallway to decide what to do about this invasion of their territory.  Just one more night, I promise.  Tomorrow its back above freezing and I will leave him outside.  Sorry, Midnight.  I do love you even though you are not my cat.
In other news, I love my new furniture!  It makes my room winsomely.  Yeah, I have no idea if that sentence makes sense but like I said, I got nothing. lol
Winsomeness surrounds me.  I love my life!  God has been so good to us.  It’s not perfect by any means but its amazing.  No better?  I should just stop.  Ha!
In my defense, when proofreading my writing, the computer does not recognize the word in any of its forms!  Yes, that is satisfying to know.  Kudos to everyone who managed not to butcher this word prompt!
In a last attempt to make this post slightly more bearable, here is a picture of Midnight feeling warm and comfy as he snores beside me.