My cats have been so entertaining lately!  The two that belong to me and the one that thinks he does are becoming quite vocal to each other.  They sit on opposite sides of the door meowing to each other for much of the day.  I can’t help but wonder what they talk about, other than “let me inside”, and “no, you let me outside!”  So, last week we were blessed with a pet stroller and they absolutely love it!  Well, I should clarify they both love to SLEEP in it.  Crystal hates going outside in it.  Kaleigh tried to take her out in it.  We had Liberty trying to run outside while Midnight was sitting on the porch like a statue blocking the way for her to actually get the stroller all the way outside.  By the time she got him moved and the stroller out, Liberty looked like a pulled piece taffy trying his best to jump out of my arms.  Kaleigh made it about 3 steps out the door and Crystal had found the two inch opening where the cover snaps and had all but her back paws out by the time Kaleigh could grab her.  So, it’s technically Liberty’s stroller.  At least, I think he has claimed it.  He loves to go for rides in it!

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I hate that he is trying to run outside now, but hopefully we will get a workable routine soon.  A couple days ago I looked all over for him, for about fifteen minutes!  I was starting to get that slightly panicky feeling that maybe he got outside without us knowing.  I’m trying to be calm and ask Kaleigh to help me look for him while inside I’m getting more and more scared by the minute.  We looked in every room, under all the beds, in the shower, dryer, drawers, all his favorite hiding places.  No Liberty.  By this time I’m praying for an angel to reveal his whereabouts because I just really had no clue where else to look.  So, I sit down at my desk and glance over to my right, and there he is, sleeping in the stroller!  He slept in there for hours!!

Later, I noticed that he was checking it out again, (still in the living room not being moved) so I look and this time Crystal was sleeping in it.  Liberty was not feeling it!  He would not leave her alone until she got out.  He was so persistent that it started to get really funny so I snapped a few pictures.

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It looks zipped up but its actually open in the back so that they can get in and out of it.  He was not going to stop until she got out, and as soon as she got out, he jumped inside.

Its been fun, I absolutely love these cats!