via Daily Prompt: Constant

I used to live for the constant, mundane, comfortable, nothing changes then nothing changes safety zone.  Lately, I find myself contemplating how much my life has changed in the last year!   I watch my child changing in amazing ways.  She surprises me all the time with the constant growth in her creativity, school work, social skills, maturity, and faith.  She is wise beyond her years, and can carry on conversations with the best adults.  She loves her friends and family, her animals, and her Savior.  She  has ears that hear, eyes that see, and a heart that is tender and responsive to Christ.  She is a world changer!  I think about where I was a year ago, the things I was learning to do come so natural now.  The Lord downloads things to me in my quiet time that I never would have imagined I would be capable of doing.  Who would have ever thought that I would stand before people and testify of all He has done for me?!?  Not me.  I never in a million years thought I would do that!  But I constantly stay in that mindset now.  He has revealed just enough for me to know that He is going to keep moving me forward from glory to glory and open doors for me to boldly proclaim what He has done for me.  The only constant I see in my life right now is that everything constantly changes.  I suppose there are some things that are constant.  My need to read the Bible and pray before I start my day will never change.  My love for animals, helping others, and writing are constant.  My love for coffee is a hands down constant, so I guess there are quite a few things that stay constant, but I tend to always be looking for areas where I can grow.  I’m always evaluating what I’m spending my time on and asking myself if its going to have any eternal value or if I need to change some things up to use my time more wisely.  I’ve done that today.  I’ve got a sick child at home and I’ve prayed about keeping the most important things the most important things.  So, I’ve spent much of my day on the couch with popsicles and Tylenol on hand, cuddling my sweet child.  Eternal value in that? Oh yeah!  Speaking of her, I hear her calling me so I will go take care of her now.  Blessings to you!