via Daily Prompt: Astral

I started to shy away from this prompt, because I thought about astral projection and all the wrong things I could say about something I really don’t know anything about.  I know what it is to feel like I’ve left my body to float on the ceiling and watch a traumatized child be abused.  However, I am not educated enough to know if that is what people are talking about when they say astral projection.  But then I thought about the apostle Paul when he said he knew a man who was caught up to the third Heaven, “whether in the body or not, I do not know” (2 Corinthians 12:1-10).  That made me think of an experience I had a few years ago so, here we are with a topic, yay!

I don’t think that I left my body during this experience; I do want to be clear about that.  I was aware that I was sitting at my computer the entire time, but I was so caught up in the vision I had that I can clearly understand what the apostle Paul was saying.  But for me, it was a vision that happened to me in my kitchen and in my body.  Trauma had brought me to a place that I was emotionally numb.  I had a very flat affect all the time and after I had healed some, I started to understand that blocking out the bad meant also blocking out the good.  So, I had asked God to give me back my tears.  But I didn’t just ask for the ability to cry, it was a big deal to me so I asked Him to make it special.  Now, admittedly, I still thought it would happen during a therapy session when I had some big breakthrough related to trauma, but I really hoped it would be a positive experience.  God is so faithful!!!

I was sitting in my kitchen watching a sermon on my laptop when I received a text from someone who I had been praying with about a sick family member.  She had lived a full life and was ready to graduate to Heaven.  When I got the text saying that she had passed, I had a vision.  I felt as if I had been caught up into Heaven, and I saw her walking into the Lord’s presence.  She was being greeted by people who loved her and it was such a sweet homecoming.  The atmosphere was so full of God’s pure, holy love that my earthly body could not contain being in that kind of glory.  The air was so thick with the glory of God that I just broke, and I cried so hard.  I wasn’t crying in my vision.  I was just watching what was taking place in the vision.  The tears were real, He answered my prayer and gave me my tears back in the most amazing way.  I cried because there was so much love, I can’t even explain it.  I had never been so sure in all my life that Heaven was real as I was in that moment.  The atmosphere of Heaven radiates a perfect love, and everyone feels it all the time.  Good word prompt, this is a nice memory to be reminded of! Yay God!!