via Daily Prompt: Premonition

Okay, you know by now that I really love cats and there have been several times that the Lord has used them to teach me things.  I don’t have premonitions, but I have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and He reveals things to me.  It reminded me of the first time I got that inner check in my spirit, the first time I clearly heard the Holy Spirit speak to me in a new way.  I had been studying on the Holy Spirit and I had started asking God to show me what people are talking about when they say they “hear from God”.

I don’t feel very good so please pray for me, but I want to tell you this short story of how I learned to hear the Lord for myself.

I had adopted an adorable, little kitten from the Humane Society.  That was the most rambunctious kitten I’ve ever owned.  It would start across the room and run at me and climb up my back like I was tree and it would sit on my shoulder.  It did not feel good, but I loved that crazy kitten.  I was leaving my house one day and as I put my keys in the lock to secure the front door, I felt like someone inside of me said “check on the cat”.  It was noticeable enough to make me stop for a second and think that was so weird, but I kept locking the door until I turned to leave and I heard it again.  It was super subtle, no audible noise, just an inner thought.  I don’t know how to explain it really, it was like a thought that came out of nowhere.  The one thing that I did notice was that it didn’t feel like I was thinking it.  It felt as if it was a thought that was rising up from my gut, not my mind.  It was like I was hearing a thought that I wasn’t thinking.  So, I decided to peak in on the kitten and reassure myself that she was fine before heading out for the day.  I’m so glad I did!!  My little kitten had run into the hall closet without me seeing her and I had shut her in there.  She was in there for about 10 minutes, maybe less.  But, if I hadn’t of listened to that inner voice she would have been stuck in there for hours.  That one little incident was all it took, I knew that I knew that I knew that I had heeded the voice of the Lord.  It was a glorious day!

It was that simple for me 🙂

From that day forward, I learned to listen and that still small voice became really active.  We started having daily conversations.  I never even imagined that was possible!  There were no fireworks, or sound barrier breaking, just a knowing that I heard something I wasn’t thinking for myself that I started paying attention to and life got really exciting!