I love when God has a plan that I know nothing about.  The surprise blessings are always the best kind!  My daughter decided she wanted a wig for her birthday.  I know…I don’t know why…but I love that she is her own person and doesn’t follow the crowd.  She is a leader, inside and out, a trailblazer, a forerunner for Christ.  So, off we go for a road trip to have lunch with my mom and take her wig shopping.  So. Much. Fun.  My mom has a friend who actually owns a wig shop and this lady was surely part of God’s plan!  We have a wig shop about five miles from our home, but God wanted us to take a road trip and meet this lady.  She was SO surprised when we pulled up at an actual wig shop, the look on her face was priceless!  The wig shop was all my mom’s idea, and it was her gift to Kaleigh.  We gave her a limit and pointed her towards her options within her (lower) price range.  Real wigs are not cheap, so I had explained to her that she was picking out one wig.  She had so much fun trying them on and being treated like a customer that was about to pay for a 1000.00 wig.  She was experiencing a glimpse of her royalty status as a daughter of the Most High God.  The shop owner’s name is Barbara and Kaleigh absolutely loves her! IMG_1408I know that a lot of people don’t understand why or how I moved to a place that was out of my price range in a town with a much higher cost of living and still thrive, but it’s really very simple.  God said go, so I went.  He is my Source, my Provider, my Father, and He does things like this for us all the time!!  I truly believe that as I am obedient to tithe, He will continue to pour out blessings from an open window of Heaven.  The wigs were not individually priced, however, it was fairly easy to tell that only the costume wigs were in our earthly price range.  But in the Spirit…Praise God! Abundance flows!  As she tried on wigs, had a “hair cut” and was adorned with jewelry, I could see the happiness in her rising up more and more the whole time.  She was really enjoying all the attention she was getting from Mrs. Barbara.  But with so many wigs, how does someone choose just one??

As she is trying to decide, I see hundreds of dollars worth of hair in multiple colors start to make a neat little pile on the table.  All I can think is how she will always remember her experience of picking out her first wig.  I went in the store with a plan to find a reasonably priced wig that would be fun for her to play with but God had bigger plans.  Barbara decided that she wanted to sow into Kaleigh’s life and she really blessed her!  Long story short, she picked out one costume wig and two real wigs!  Then they got into the jewelry and my goodness, it was a bottomless bag.  This kid had jewelry all the way up both arms and around her neck and she wasn’t just trying it on, it was hers to keep.  So, we are finally finished shopping and the owner says to my mom, “Okay, give me whatever money you want me to have.”  My mom handed her some money, about $50.00 which was all the cash she had in her wallet.  Barbara counts it, hears from the Lord, and gives her some back as she says, “The Lord said it cost $30.00.  What??!!  THIRTY DOLLARS for hundreds of dollars worth of new merchandise!  God loves to bless us!  We had a time of prayer with her, and got ready to leave.  As my mom pulled out of the parking lot, here comes Barbara towards my car and she’s carrying another wig!  She tells Kaleigh that she thinks it matches her hair color perfectly and wants to give it to her for free.  It was such a blessing to meet this lady, but what really blessed me the most was watching the dynamics of my child being able to recognize that it was God blessing her and her expressing her heart about the experience.  She wants to go back and visit, not for more wigs, but because she really enjoyed talking with the shop owner and wants to see her again.  She has started praying for Mrs Barbara and for the shop because she recognizes that it is a ministry, and that Mrs Barbara has a heart to help people.  I can’t wait to see all that God does for her and her shop as she continues to be obedient to the Lord!!