An epic Friday.  It started out with taking my child to her end of school fun day at the pond.  Devotions outside and hearing the Lord’s name echo across the mountain air is always my favorite part of going to the pond.  Worship outside, watching Kaleigh zip across the water, swimming, boats, pizza and a little rain.  It was all so much fun!

After the pond, I dropped Kaleigh off with her Nana so that I could pick up a friend and go to a live recording of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural show.  I have experienced the glory of God many times and I have no doubt that Sid Roth has experienced it even more.  However, I was not sure that it was truly present in his studio, with all the cameras, lights, people, and distractions.  I was wrong.  Seriously, so wrong!  I did not expect to feel that much glory.  I did not expect to see the atmosphere shift the way it did, and I sure didn’t expect to experience holy laughter on the way home.  The guests were great, it was apparent that they have invested in their personal relationship with God and spent much time alone with the Lord before ever stepping in front of the camera.  I’ve thought many times about going to watch a live episode but the tickets go very quickly and it has never worked out before now.  The great thing about this particular show was that it was God’s timing for me to go.  Going had not crossed my mind in a couple of months, and I was not looking for tickets when I received a link from a friend suggesting that we go.  Knowing how quickly the tickets sell out, I went ahead and tried to get them, but I could only get one…the last one!  I didn’t think to check the date so I had no idea it was only two days from the day I got the ticket.  I went ahead and offered it to my friend but she couldn’t go because she was going out-of-town this weekend.  Someone must have returned a ticket because they couldn’t attend and I happened to have the perfect timing to get it.  I felt like I was supposed to go and I would have went alone.  I felt some fear about that, but I would have done it afraid.  God is so good!  I went back to the site the next day just to try one more time and I got two more tickets!  I went from not having enough to having too many tickets!!  Another friend went with me and it was amazing!  God is all the time surprising me but He took it up a level this time.  I have felt for a couple of years that one day I will be able to share all the miracles God has done in my life on the Sid Roth show.  I really feel that in my spirit.  People need to know that there is full healing in Christ!!  Dissociative Identity Disorder is NOT a life sentence, it’s an opportunity to let God do SO. MANY. MIRACLES.  Just a few days ago I was telling my mentor that I felt like God was saying “its time” and I wasn’t sure what it was time for but I felt like things were getting ready to accelerate and change.  I think we had that conversation two days before I got the tickets.  So, I went to the show thinking maybe God wanted to let me see it in person so that I could better prepare and know what to expect when I go on the show as a guest.  But of course God always thinks bigger than I do!  He did do all of that for me, but He did so much more.  When the show went off air, Sid Roth asked for three people to come up that had experienced healing during the show.  It was interesting that I had not been typing at all that day, yet my carpal tunnel was really hurting while waiting on the show to start.  I must have rubbed my arm twenty times while sitting there because it was aching.  I didn’t think much of it honestly.  During the show, one of the guests says that there is a healing anointing there for carpel tunnel.  I took my healing and my arm quit hurting!  Now, I am not new to God healing.  He has healed many, many things in my life over the last five years.  But what I am new to is standing up and testifying about it in front of 150 strangers!  Someone once told me that God was putting a spirit of boldness in me, and I now realize that the spirit of boldness is connected to the glory.  When he said he wanted  three people, I didn’t even think about it.  It was like it bypassed my brain and my legs just stood up on their own without processing that everyone was going to be looking at me.  And guess what? The fear NEVER came!  I went up and I was going to share that I was healed of carpel tunnel then I got in the glory and God had other plans.  I did share that, but then I told about another experience I had during the show where my back felt like it had become a liquid heat that was just fluidly flowing but contained in the shape of my back, but it was as if my back had completely turned to water.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  It was the strangest sensation I’ve ever experienced.  And for some reason when I got in the glory at the front, I was compelled to tell it.  It just came out without my mind even processing what I was doing.  It was almost like praying in the spirit, everything I was saying was bypassing my mind and just coming out of me.  I stood on a studio floor and spoke directly into Sid Roth’s microphone and David Herzog’s microphone in front of a room full of strangers with NO FEAR!  That is so much bigger of a miracle than I even know how to explain.  You have to remember that five years ago I was not leaving my house because of anxiety and panic attacks.  I was missing out on my whole life because I could not function.  God is a miracle-working God!!  He is always moving me from glory to glory to glory and He wants to do that for you too!  I don’t know when God’s timing is for me to go on the Sid Roth show but stay tuned.  I think He was showing me that I can absolutely go on the show to bring glory and honor to Him, and it will be amazing when He does it!  People need to hear what Jesus has done for us.  Time is short.  Tell your story.  Do it afraid if you must, but do it.