via Daily Prompt: Famous

I have no desire to be famous, but I have a big desire to make Christ famously known every where I go.  Today, He went to Carowinds with us.  God loves us so much, I can’t even wrap my mind around it.  No matter how many things He does for me, I’m still in awe every single time.  We made plans weeks ago to go with some friends to Carowinds and the weather was just not agreeing with this trip.  Some days when I looked at the weather channel, it said 90-100% chance of thunderstorms today.  So, we met after church to pray about going, and felt peace about it.  In faith, (even though they were/are currently under a flash flood watch) our friends bought tickets to go with us and the kids were so excited!

The men were amazed and asked, “What kind of man is this?–even the winds and the sea obey Him!” Matthew 8:27

We awoke to rain this morning.  We packed the car in rain, praising the Lord that it was going to be a great day because He is in it.  The Bible says that even the wind and waves obeyed Jesus.  It also says that we will do even greater works than He did.  If Jesus is Lord in our life then we have the authority to speak to the weather in Jesus name.  We did that today, telling the storms to go around Carowinds and they obeyed.  It rained all around us!  There were clouds, sometimes rather dark, on all sides of the park all day long.  We arrived at the park and it was still raining when we parked but when we entered the park the rain subsided and it never stormed while we were there.  We stayed from about 11 am to 7 pm and it was perfect!  A very cloudy day, protecting us from the hot sun, and a few raindrops, just enough for us to be reminded that God was keeping us!  Each time we felt a raindrop we told it to go around the park and the clouds moved on where they needed to go.  At the end of the day, while already wet at the water park, a very short shower cooled us off while the dark storm clouds rolled across the sky to the left of the park.  Not one lightening strike or thunder boom all day!



All through the park we were praising God for His favor and blessings on our day.  He really is a good, good Father!! He loves us so much!  Just as we watched the awe of the boys experiencing Carowinds for the first time, our Father was watching us, His children, be in awe of how He set up the perfect day for us!  He loves to do that for us even more than we love to do it for our children.  Things are so much better when we take Him with us on our daily routine, our road trips, even our roller coaster rides.  On some rides, like the Fury, you may even get to know Him a little more intimately, ha!  It’s so much fun to do life with God.



There were almost no lines and no crowds.  Look at those clouds!  The rain was played in our favor today.  I’m so thankful for the godly friends that God has placed in my life!!  He sure does know what we need!! Divine alignment of godly friendships is priceless.  God has a good plan for our lives, and sometimes that includes a family & friends day at Carowinds!  Praise the Lord!!!! He is so worthy!!