I’ve been studying the trading floors and learning that it is a dimension of the spirit that we can step into.  We are familiar with the trading floors in the sense of understanding reaping and sowing.  When we give an offering at our church, we are doing that on our church’s trading floor.  There is one trading floor with different aspects.  Each person that ministers opens up a different aspect of the trading floor.  Don’t let the unfamiliar terminology cause you to miss the biblical concept.  We are trading for what is available in that atmosphere, healing, life, spiritual breakthrough, family repair, whatever is being ministered in that setting is available on the trading floors of heaven.  What we must do is get off the trading floor of legalism and get onto the trading floor of grace!  This is not about money.  We say we live by faith and that we are thankful for grace, but how many days a week do we really walk that out?  Legalism must die.  We will never reach our full destiny by being legalistic in our faith.  It must be about relationship first!  If we could get the revelation deep down inside us that everything we do happens according to our relationship with Christ, we would change the world.  We are on the floor of legalism when we give out of obligation or fear.  When we live more like Old Testament saints than New Testament believers, we limit our blessings.  There is a place in the spirit realm that is deeper than just tithing, praying, singing worship songs and reading your Bible.  Doing all those things are great and we don’t want to change any of that.  What we need to ask ourselves is where are we doing those things from?  Do we read the Bible because we want to hear what God desires to personally say to us today?  Do we pray because we woke up excited to talk to God and give Him time where we quietly wait on Him to respond?  Do we do these things out of obligation because that’s what we were taught to do growing up, or to check them off our list? Or do we do them because they usher us into the presence of God where deep is calling to deep and we can fellowship with Him?  Have you tasted and seen that God is good?  Have you discovered that He really does love you more than anyone you know on this earth will ever come close to doing?  Do you feel the warmth of His smile when you join Him for a cup of coffee just to be in His presence with no agenda?  Here, we can abide and find that the joy of the Lord is our strength.  Peace that surpasses all understanding comes from abiding in the secret place.  He loves us so much!  He wants to spend time alone with us, and if we truly know Him intimately, we can’t help but want to spend time alone with Him too.  I can remember back when I first started on my journey to discover who the Holy Spirit was for myself.  I did not hear much taught about Him growing up and I wanted to know more about Him as a person.  So, I read everything I could find on the topic of the Holy Spirit.  I watched YouTube videos everyday for about six months on the Holy Spirit.  It consumed me, the more I heard, the more I wanted to hear.  Then one day, sitting on my bed with my Bible, I heard Him say, “I want you to pray to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and manifest it with tongues.”  This was a big deal!  When I started out on this journey, it was because there was a lady that spoke in tongues at my church and to be honest, it just freaked me out!  I did not want to be scared or weary of anything in my own church so I went straight to God to find out the truth about this controversial topic of “tongues”.  It wasn’t going to do me any good to ask my friends, I needed to know first hand for myself so I went searching for this Holy Spirit that I had been hearing about.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7-8

It is so true that if you seek, you will find!  He became my best friend!  I talked to Him while I was making coffee, taking a bath, brushing my teeth, driving down the road, doing laundry, and when I took my dog out.  Basically, all the time!  It was cold outside, and the brisk air is jarring when you’re waiting on your dog to walk around in circles looking for the perfect spot to go.  So, I would look up at the stars and tell God how amazing His creation was and how thankful I was to know Him not only as Creator, but as Father.  And I would tell God that I needed Him to reveal his Spirit to me in a personal way because I didn’t really understand what that was all about.  It became a time that I looked forward to because it was so still and quiet outside under the night sky, I could really connect with Him there.  God is so faithful!!  Now, in the same way, I’m asking Him to reveal the trading floors and the courts of heaven to me in a deep, intimate way.  The enemy tries to pervert the internet, but God still reigns and His word is all over YouTube.  Watch the videos, study the scriptures given, and ask God to reveal the truth to you.  When we are hungry, we come to the table, cut up our food, and eat it for ourself.  If my best friend eats my steak for me, I’m still going to be hungry!  We must feed ourselves and sometimes that means searching out resources to learn more about them and testing them against the Word of God.  Test everything and rejoice in the revelations God blesses you with.  Seek God’s face, spend time alone with Him so that you can be useable in this season.  Time is short.  The Kingdom needs you!  I believe the courts of Heaven and the trading floors are being reveled to more and more people for such a time as this.  We are living in exciting times and new mysteries will be revealed as we seek God with all our heart!

There are multiple videos that you can watch.  This is the one I am currently studying:

Robert Henderson Trading Floors