via Daily Prompt: Retrospective

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about past prophecies that have been spoken over my life.  Some of them bear witness both with my spirit and with each other.  Others have felt manipulative or emotionally based and did not resonate with my spirit.  Sometimes, I have to let a word fall to the ground and not receive it.  Other times, I put it on a shelf and pray about it, but I don’t apply it to my life or try to walk in it because I’m waiting to see if the Lord confirms it.  He is faithful to do that for us!  We have to listen to what our spirit is saying.  In retrospect, I can see where God has specifically confirmed words spoken over me, and I can see where He protected me from times where the person missed it.  All prophecy should be judged.  We cannot accept a “good” word because it fits what our flesh wants to happen.

The very first question you should ask about a prophecy is: Does it line up with the word of God?  You will never get a word from God that is not in alignment with His character and the Bible.

A retrospective view of the past five years makes me thankful that I had someone to go to and share with confidentially because she taught me not to receive everything I heard.  That nugget of truth saved me a lot of heartache.  Its fun to look at the things that have been spoken over my life that confirm things the Lord was already showing me.  For example, when He told me to write a book I reminded Him that the first time I tried that it was a disaster and if that was really Him saying that then He was going to have to seriously confirm it because it felt like a trap from Satan.  About three weeks later, I was at a women’s meeting and in the middle of the meeting the speaker looked at me and said, “God said you’re going to write a book.”  Enough said.  It couldn’t get much clearer than that!  I got my confirmation and that was a pretty safe word to receive because the Lord had told me first and then confirmed it through her.  She was usually on target when she prophesied and I fully expect to finish my book in 2018.  With that said, I do want to share that at a later time I received another word from the same person and it did not resonate with my spirit.  After praying about it, I had to decide to let it go and not receive it because the Lord was not confirming it for me and it didn’t bring peace or edification to my life.  I only say that as a reminder that we must always judge prophecy because we only know in part, and prophesy in part.

Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture! 1 Corinthians 13:9

I’ve also had a couple of people come up to me and tell me that they felt like I had a word for them.  That’s a really uncomfortable situation because their motive feels wrong.  It’s all up to Him and I will always try to share a word that I’m confident is from Him.  But, I think its dangerous to go seeking a word from someone just because you think they hear from the Lord.  Don’t seek the message.  Seek the Messenger, God Himself.  Seek the truth in scripture.  Every thing you need starts in the Word of God.  The Bible is one sure prophecy that we all have the privilege of reading.  If you want to know the future, read the book of Revelation.

Another time, someone spoke over me at an out-of-town conference that God was going to put a spirit of boldness in me, and that I thought I wanted to do what I saw my friend doing, but that God wanted me to take the lid off the box because He has something for me to do that has never been done before.  I’d never spoken to this man before, and He had never heard my story.  It immediately resonated with my spirit.  It was edifying, uplifting, and gave me an excited hope for my future.  This happened very early in my healing, before I was even close to integration.  In retrospect, it was right on target and is currently coming to pass.

And then there is my favorite prophecy where my current pastor prophesied that God was directing my path, but He needed me to let go of the rope.  God knows what we need!  He knew my grip was tight and it was going to take something I could not argue with to get me to let go of that particular rope.  He is faithful!