Have you ever felt like God was hiding from you?  I have!  It used to make me automatically think that I had done something wrong.  I don’t feel that way today.  It can mean that I have done something wrong because the Holy Spirit isn’t going to hang out with me and share His tangible presence with me when I’m choosing to continually walk in sin.  But most of the time, it’s probably not that God is hiding from me, but that I have lost my focus and stopped seeking Him.  Often when I don’t feel God, it’s because I have become too busy and put something else as a priority before Him.  He promises to never leave us or forsake us!

Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love.  John 15:9

The key to enjoying God’s presence is to abide in His love.  When we fall in love with someone, we think about them all the time.  We tell them about the good, bad, and ugly things that happen and we seek their advice, approval, and love.  We value them and we treasure spending time with them so much that we would drive three hours just to spend thirty minutes with them.  When we do these same things with Him, we are abiding.

How amazing life is when Jesus is the center of it all!!

There is no magic formula or checklist to tell you how to abide.  Its just one word.  TIME.  We must spend daily time with Him.  When we do this, we find Him in the many small blessings throughout the day.  We must remember to remember to honor His presence every day.  He is a gentleman and will not force us to spend time with Him.  But He does promise that we will find Him when we seek Him with all our heart.

I feel good when I go to church, I worship, pray, and listen to the Word of God being preached.  The pastor has done his homework, spent time seeking God, and prepared a plate of spiritual food for me to eat.  And I eat!  It’s a great meal, I clean my plate and go home refreshed.  But Monday comes and I need to eat again.  And Tuesday…and…by Friday I’m starving and I’m weaker in every aspect of my life.  When I only eat spiritual food on Sundays, I will always feel like God is hiding from me.  He’s not.  But it does feel that way.

This is one of my favorite songs that I have been using this week to seek the Lord: “Take Me In”

I love that the pastor feeds me on Sundays.  But honestly, it’s not the best meal of the week.  Its more like the supreme chocolate dessert after feasting on the Word of God all week for myself.  There is nothing better than hearing from God for yourself.  Nobody can give you a new revelation better that God can!  Nobody loves you more than He does!  He wants to reveal Himself to us in new ways if we will only take the time to be still before Him and listen.

Hint: The Sunday meal your pastor prepares will always digest better if you eat all week and arrive with a full stomach.

Since I went to the Sid Roth show, I’ve been on somewhat of a glory mountain.  There is a new glory being released and those that seek Him with their whole heart will walk in it and be a part of seeing many, many people be saved.  Sign me up!!  I do not want to miss that.

At church on Sunday, the worship was amazing, and God came to inhabit the praises of His people!  Many of us had been seeking Him and He did not disappoint.  He is so faithful!  The glory cloud is one of the tangible ways that I sometimes see the Lord’s presence manifest.  This past Sunday, the sanctuary was filled with the glory of God!  A fog that makes me want to think its misting rain is the only way I know how to explain it.  The longer worship went on, the thicker the fog became.  I felt like I was about to run around the whole room, I could barely contain my excitement.  I felt His love so strongly that it just wanted to burst out of me.  I literally had to keep my feet from jumping up and down and remind myself that God is a God of order and not chaos.  He is so wonderful to behold!!  But I have learned over the years that I can be in that same room with those same people and if I have not been feeding myself, I will be blessed, but it’s not very likely that I will see His manifest presence revealed.  We experience His presence in tangible ways when we press into Him and spend time with Him in private.  When we seek Him with our whole heart, we do it daily, we keep Him first, and then we will naturally walk in the supernatural.  He loves us so much!!

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