Since going to the Sid Roth show, I have seen a move of God that is different from anything I’ve ever experienced.  This is a realm of God’s glory that I have not walked in until now and its so strong.  We have to learn to wait on God!!  For months now, I have been hearing that I need to sit quietly in God’s presence and simply yield to Him.  Kevin Zadai confirmed this is what God wants.  Sid Roth said this new greater glory is bringing signs and wonders and miracles that will usher in a new outpouring and millions will be saved.  I receive that!  Something has shifted in this glory.  1384571_prasieTheLord_Standard_GDEI find it harder to stand under, I feel it in my entire body and it lingers, it hasn’t fully lifted.  It just comes on stronger, then feels lighter again, but it isn’t leaving.  Its amazing!  I’m going to get off this rabbit trail now, cause all I want to talk about is the glory of God, but I do have an amazing story from last night to share with you.

Life group was a little different last night.  We normally have a Bible study, but we have been studying the courts of heaven and decided to just worship and enter into His presence and pray.  Our only agenda was to seek God’s face!  He is so faithful!!! We entered into worship, and He totally inhabited our praise.  After about the second song, I felt like I was supposed to lay hands on everyone in the room.  That is not something I normally do, and I asked for confirmation.  I kept feeling the fire of God so strong, and I knew there was an anointing for healing there.  But I’m still learning when and how to step out appropriately and not disrupt the flow of what God is doing in the room as a whole.  As I continued to worship, I felt more and more like waves of God’s fire was coming into the room.  I didn’t want to be disobedient, but I wanted to be sure I was only doing what God wanted and it left me hesitant.  I finally said, “God, if you want me to lay hands on them to impart this fire, let me feel it in my hands.”  My hands started tingling and they got hotter and hotter so I started praying for people.  The glory was so strong!  Wow God!!  I felt like electricity was flowing out of my hands, and at one point I wondered if it was going to hurt them.  Of course it didn’t!  But it was so strong and I was so far out of my element that I was completely lost and just trying to be a usable vessel.  I sat down by the second person I prayed for because I felt the power of God so strongly that I just needed to sit down!  When I put my hands on her shoulder and back, I could feel healing flow through her body.  I have NEVER experienced that before!!  I believe there was multiple healings taking place.  While I was praying for people to be healed, I completely forgot that I had received second degree burns on my foot the day before.  I was walking all around the room on my foot with no pain and didn’t even know it!  I didn’t wear shoes last night, so I just took my sock off when life group was over, and I was able to literally smack the blisters on the bottom of my foot and I couldn’t even feel them.  I had NO pain at all!  Praise the Lord, He is our healer!!!!!

We were planning to pray for my foot, but He healed it before we even prayed!

I know this sounds crazy, but its a learning curve.  God was moving so powerfully that I stopped after I prayed for the first two people.  I’ve never felt like that before and I bought into the fear of not knowing what would happen next.  Thankfully, my mentor was there to guide me and I finally continued.  I’m so glad I did!  In the glory there is no failure.  When we are obedient, we cannot fail.  I was super far outside my comfort zone, but I’m so thankful that I was obedient.

These are the pictures of my foot (the first two were taken yesterday before life group, and then the pictures of my healed foot were taken this morning.  (Ignore my dirty feet but it hurt too much to put anything on my foot.) All Glory to God!!!



Glory, Glory, Glory!!! God loves us and He wants us to walk in His supernatural power and love.  Time is the key!  Spend time alone with God every day and see what He will do!!