I don’t typically trade a good car for another good car but its been weighing on my mind for a while now that I no longer had a warranty of any kind.  I cautiously prayed about this before looking at anything.  It made sense in the natural and it was exciting to think about but so is chocolate!  I believe it was a prompting from the Holy Spirit to get something with a warranty.  So, I prayed that if it was Him taking care of me, to allow it to be, but if it was not His best plan for me, then for Him to close the door and not allow it to happen.  I did some research, contacted a dealership, we talked for a couple of days, then I went and talked to them in person.  I wanted to make sure that I was following the Lord’s leading and not being impulsive or buying something that would be a financial strain on my family.

I had the best experience!

A little background info:  When I bought my last car, I did so out of desperation, mostly over the phone.  I never looked at any other cars, and I was dissociated when test driving it because I did not feel safe having a salesman in the passenger’s seat.  I really needed a friend to go with me, but I didn’t have the awareness to realize that at the time.  While I loved my car, I did not have the understanding when I bought it of how warranties worked or the importance of having a good one.

Okay, so back to the new car!

I went to meet the person I had been talking to over the phone and it very much felt like a divine appointment.  He had just had back surgery and he made a comment that people keep telling him that this is just the beginning and it won’t be his first one.  It gave me the opportunity to share with him that I have also had back surgery and that people said that to me too.  I got to explain to him that I would break those words off of my life and replace them with words of life.  When God heals us, He doesn’t do it temporarily!  We had a great conversation, and he left for his physical therapy appointment encouraged.  I sat quietly thanking God for the opportunity to talk about Him at a car dealership.  Who would have thought?!?

The other salesman that helped me was also great.  I suppose its normal to get to know a little about someone when you are stuck with them for 3 hours straight.  I learned that this guy was a 25-year-old father, helping to take care of his mom and stepping in as the main role-model to his younger brother.  He was very nice, easy to talk to, and seemed open to anything I wanted to talk to about.  I can only image some of the “small talk” he must hear during all the test drives.  So, I just went for it!  We talked about God, about miracles, and about divine provision and favor.  He was so receptive that by the time the day was over I had practically shared my whole testimony!  I’m sure he was relieved to know that I am fully healed and not dissociated during our test drive.  Ha!  God is so faithful, I can’t help but want to talk about Him everywhere I go.  I went ahead and warned him from the beginning that I knew I was asking for a lot.  I explained that it was only by God’s hand that I was able to buy the car I had with no money down, no established credit, and limited disability income and still have a very reasonable payment (which I needed to keep).  Then I smiled and said, “So, we will see what God’s plan is for today!”

It was really almost surreal, I was so calm and at peace.  I learned that there is an anointing available for buying a car.  I mostly became aware of it when he placed a payment offer before me that increased my current payment by over 100.00 while leaving me with 4000 negative equity on my trade-in.  This did not feel like the favor of the Lord so I thanked him for his time, and told him I would come back when I was in a position that I could keep my payments the same.  There was such a supernatural awareness of this “process” they have of going to “talk” to their manager to see if they can get a better deal, etc.  You know the routine.  But, it was as if the favor of the Lord was resting on my ability to trust Him and not agree to something I couldn’t afford.

It’s so helpful to know that God is my source!  There is so much freedom in knowing that His way is best, and that it isn’t always the answer I think I want at the time, but it is always right.  I never regret listening to Him.  They tried several different options, offered me an older car to get my payments where I wanted them, but when I sat in it, I didn’t have peace about it.  I’m so thankful that I am healed and have learned that I do not need to settle for something I don’t really want.  To be able to walk into a dealership alone and speak up to buy a new car on my terms, with the opportunity to share my testimony with multiple people is nothing but God!!  He is so faithful!  His plan was NOT for me to have 4000 in negative equity, that had to majorly change and I surely was not walking away with a car payment that had went up 100 dollars…or even 50 for that matter.  Nope, God took excellent care of me 🙂   It’s amazing how much room they have to play with the numbers and what they offer you when the Holy Spirit is your negotiator!  When it is God’s timing and His way, there is nothing left to do but celebrate.

I absolutely LOVE my new car!!  And I’m so thankful for a good warranty.  Yay God!!!

Be encouraged, God is our source and He always takes care of us if we let Him!

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