I love being an intercessor, and I would never trade it for an easier prayer life.  I worked hard to be able to feel emotions and even harder to be able to rejoice with those who rejoice and grieve with those who grieve.  But sometimes, it’s just hard.  It hurts.  They hurt.  I hurt for them.  And then the miraculous happens and someone surrenders.  They get a revelation of what it means to step out into the deep with Jesus and do whatever it takes to have more of Him.  It’s never easy to walk into a new season, but when it’s in obedience, it’s always worth it.  My heart breaks and rejoices at the same time for two of my friends who are currently in this glorious valley of obedience.  It’s not easy to crucify our flesh but there is an oil than flows from that kind of sacrifice that doesn’t come any other way.  The oil of joy flows freely in the secret place where we lay down our will and emotions (our sacrifice) and say to the Lord, “I don’t like this, it hurts, I can hardly breathe, and I want you to fix it…please…like right now!  But, God, if You don’t, I still choose You!”  We really can rest in knowing that God is Sovereign, and that is where I find myself today.  I got to worship to one of my favorite songs this morning.  I knew I needed to participate in corporate worship today.  I had to push back the pain, get out of my emotions, and get myself to church as an act of my will in obedience to Hebrews 10:25.

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.  Hebrews 10:25

I knew that if I did what I know to do instead of reacting to my feelings, that God would be faithful.  He knows what we need!

This is a new place for me to be as far as being healed and having been through my own valley of Gethsemane and knowing both the cost and the reward of being sold out for Christ.  I’m so excited to see what kind of new spacious space my friends will be standing in as we rejoice on the other side of these current valleys.  But, I’m also aware that it is not easy.  Crucifixion is painful.  That’s why we are told to count the cost.  We must keep our eyes on Jesus and the cost He paid for us to be able to be saved.  God is really moving!  Seasons change, people change, but God stays the same.  He is our security and source for everything we need in this life.

Lord, strengthen them, give them a fresh anointing to stand firm and endure, to taste and see that You are good.  Bring to their minds all the times that you have proven Yourself faithful to them, and let rivers of living water flow out of them.  Do not waste their pain, but bring them through it to a spacious place where all the world will look and see Your glory and know that only You could do this for them.  Holy Spirit, fill them fresh from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet.  We love You, and we surrender everything to You.  Come and do whatever You want to, we are honored to be sold out vessels for Christ, and we give You all the glory.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Do you have something in your life that you need to lay down?  Something that hinders you from growing in Christ?  Something that brings that subtle guilt from time to time that you quickly justify?  I encourage you to lay it down, take up your cross, and follow Christ.  He loves you so much!  He is waiting on you to say, “Yes, Lord, I surrender, I choose You.”  This is the song that has helped me today,  Fill Me Up by Tasha Cobbs .  I got such a deep, fresh revelation of what it means to lay my will down so that I can be useable for the Kingdom.  I needed that reminder.  I love Him so much, He is worth it!!!  Bring your sacrifice and let Him fill you up with a fresh indwelling of His Holy Spirit.

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