Some days there is nothing to do but sit in awe while God takes care of everything that concerns me. I love being free to focus on the important things in life and not worry about money. When I moved here out of obedience to God, I knew that I was going to have to depend on Him to make it, but I had no idea how much it would grow my faith and what a blessing it would be. God surprises me all the time with how He aligns things and pulls it all together for us. This month I was 150.00 shorter than usual so I did the only thing I know to do. I paid my tithes in full and thanked my good, good Father for His faithful provision. I’m sooo thankful I was taught that God is my Source!! The Lord has laid it on other people’s hearts to be His provision for us in excess of hundreds of dollars this month. The 150.00 that was withheld was straight up the result of the enemy which is why I rejoice so greatly! No weapon formed against me will prosper in Jesus name! This is a situation where I can honestly say I have been repaid seven times what the enemy stole this month. God is sooo faithful!

I just sit here awe drinking my water and praising the Lord. I love Him so much! He has changed me and I will serve Him forever!

I want to share more about the fresh fire I got on Wednesday too. I’ve been trying to come up with the “right” words. There are none. Glory is really not fully explainable to someone who has yet to experience it. I did not grow up in a church where people were slain in the Spirit so I was skeptical until it one day happened to me. At my last church I experienced this multiple times, especially when I had child parts that were so receptive and open to receive. A lot of healing came during my time at that church and in my mind I had connected being slain in the Spirit with that church and it happening there because I felt safe enough there to completely let go and do anything God wanted to do. The last time I remember it happening was the day I fully integrated at the altar. I remember the pastor placing his hands on my head for about 3 seconds and then the next thing I remember I was in the floor going through major deliverance. But I don’t remember ever being slain in the Spirit after that day. It was almost 3 years ago and I had accepted that while it was amazing, that season was over.

In this new season I find myself doing more ministry. He has healed me and opened doors for me to freely give what I was freely given and it’s amazing!!! So I went to this service last Wednesday night and the worship was sooo powerful. When you live somewhere like Uganda, technology doesn’t distract you from focusing on the Lord and people are so hungry for the Gospel that they don’t take it for granted and say, “yeah…maybe one day.” I was excited to be able to go with my friend to this service and My heart was so full from seeing how much she has grown and how she really entered into worship and loved being there. It kinda sent me into ministry mode. I started noticing things happening in the Spirit realm then I saw the spirit of death leave and I got so stirred up that I couldn’t stop praying in the Spirit that everyone there would be touched. I don’t do it on purpose but I tend to forget to include myself when I get in ministry mode and start praying for others. But the Bible tells us that those who water others will also be watered. I’m watching lives being changed and I’m feeling God’s presence so strongly that I am just lost in worship. So when the guest pastor called everyone to the front for fresh fire, I was super excited for my friend to experience this!! I was standing near her, praying she would experience a new level of God’s glory. I didn’t know that she thought being slain in the Spirit was fake. I was just hoping she would get a fresh touch of fire. I was agreeing in prayer for more fire for everyone there, but I was too far gone into ministry mode to be thinking or expecting for myself.  So, I was very surprised when he walked by me and briefly said “give her more fire Lord, fresh fire” and I was in the floor before I knew what was happening.  I don’t know if I even had a catcher but it never hurts so it doesn’t matter. I really needed that! I needed to know that I can still experience being slain in the Spirit when God decides to bless me with it. But the best part of the whole night was seeing my very skeptical, logical thinking friend resisting it happening to her as I’m laying behind her saying “give her more Lord, spirit of resistance, I bind you in Jesus name, you release her and let her receive this new level of fire God has for her, take her to a new level Lord!” (She was determined to be sure it wasn’t fake so I had a minute to pray) but praise God! He is faithful and she did get a touch of the fresh fire and she will definitely NEVER be the same! Goodness, it fires me up to see people go deeper in Christ!! She knows that she knows that she knows that yes, some people do it as a courtesy drop because they think they are supposed to but then there are those times like this night when it is truly the power of God and there is nothing fake about it! So exciting!!!! When the real glory of God comes on you that strongly you cannot stand, nor do you want to. There is a sweet fellowship in that space that you cannot experience any other way. I needed that fresh fire! I needed to be reminded of what it is like to meet God in that sacred space of total surrender in a corporate worship service. I’m so thankful that signs and wonders are a natural part of my life. We really can walk through this natural world supernaturally and behold heaven on earth! I still can’t believe I get to live this life!!

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