I love confirmation!  Especially when I’ve been trying to pray something through and feeling unsettled about things.  Sometimes its more uncomfortable to step down from a position we are not called to do than it is to press in and do it then deal with the consequences.  I don’t want to disappoint anyone, or make someone else have to do more, or add another thing to a friend’s already too long to-do list.  It’s so important to have discernment when you have the gift of helps because the enemy hates us, he has one mission, to kill, steal, and destroy.  I have some gifts that allow me to do some things really well.  And then there are other things that I am just not called to do and no matter how much I want to force it to work, or “grow in that area”, sometimes, it’s just not my lane and I have to make the hard decisions.  So, I did that yesterday.  And then I had to lay it down about fifty times because I kept feeling guilty that I didn’t feel guilty because I knew that it was for my own good as well as everyone else’s.  Goodness, I’m so glad God knows what we need!  Time is short.  We need to stay focused on what God has told us to do and let the last instruction He gave us be the next thing we do.  For me, I have to remind myself that means that I need to give it 100% and not the 50% that is left after doing things that “needed to be done” that God never told me to do.  I have to stay focused on the things that matter for eternity.  I’m not saying don’t help anyone out, of course there are times that we need to help others, but we have to find a balance and not lose sight of what God is asking us to do individually for this day, this week, and this season.  We can’t be so busy helping with everything and everyone else that we are not taking the time to do what God has told us to do.  I needed to hear that confirmation tonight.  That it is okay to focus on Kingdom things and let the things go that God has not called us to do.  Even though they are good things, they are hindrances to me because they are not in my lane and they stress me out.  That steals my zeal and I end up frustrated and not getting other stuff done that God has given me the vision for and clearly told me to do.  I suppose that sometimes stepping down for the right reasons is stepping up.  The Lord has really been showing me lately that there are things that He has given me a vision for that He has not given to the people around me.  So, while they are there to offer support and pray for me, they are not going to see the importance of it in the same way I do because God put it in my spirit and told me to do it.  I am the one that must make it a priority.  I am the one that must write the vision down plainly so that we can run with it.  I am the one that will have to stand before God one day and I want to hear “well done”.  He is really helping me see that this is all just part of being a forerunner.  It is not a bad thing.  It is difficult yet fun, and exciting yet scary.  But most importantly, its of God and I think it is part of what is written in my book in Heaven.  Things often don’t look like we expect, but we must walk in obedience until He gives the next new instruction.  He promises to guide our path and make our way straight, we just have to give Him permission and then follow His lead.  I’m so thankful that He is a merciful God and meets me where I am and gently prods me forward.  I’m also thankful for the unspeakable joy that comes when we do the hard things and walk the paths that we would not have chosen.  Those are the paths with the miracles, beautiful surprises and blessings along the way.  I still can’t believe I get to live this life!  Its more than I could have ever imagined even now, and this is just the beginning.  I love Him so much, He has changed me, and I will serve Him forever!