I love when I see a verse in a revelatory way after reading it a hundred times before. I’ve heard lots of sermons on Abraham…great ones. But there is a different kind of quickening in my spirit that occurs when I discover a new level of understanding straight from reading the Word. Nothing can compare to Holy Spirit guided revelation. ❤️

Romans 4:20 says, “but because of the promise of God he did not waver in unbelief, but he was strengthened in faith, when he gave glory to God and because he was fully convinced that what He has promised He is also able to do.”

We can see in the context of the verses before vs.20 that Abraham’s circumstances did not match the promise He was given. He was about 100 years old and God is telling him that he is going to father a child with his ninety year old wife. I think my first response would have been similar to Sarah’s. When I finished laughing, I would have probably assured God that I heard Him wrong and needed clarity.

In Romans 4:20, we see that Abraham gave glory to God. It says that he was strengthened in faith WHEN he gave glory to God.

How do I apply this today? I think about the projects I’m working on right now and how far out of my comfort zone they take me. How they exceed my financial situation and how they require skills I am still working to attain. But after reading this passage, I want to shift my focus from trying to learn and achieve a goal to building up my faith for the goal. We know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, in other words, we increase our faith by reading our Bible. Now, from reading my Bible I see that I can increase my faith even more by choosing to give glory to God for the projects and goals He has placed inside of me. We can birth ideas in the flesh and have our Ishmael or we can wait on God’s anointing and give birth to our Issac. Abram (later known as Abraham) was eighty six when Ishmael was born and ninety nine when Issac was born. Issac was worth the wait!

How would our life change if every day we give God glory for what He has put inside of us to do and for being a God who is faithful to complete what He has started in us? What if we are purposeful to give Him glory for the ideas, the skills, the anointing, the willingness, and the process at the beginning instead of the end?

We must remember to get in the glory on a regular basis. It’s so important to worship until the glory comes and then stay in the glory and receive whatever He has for us in that moment. Creative ideas, fresh anointing, revelation knowledge, and breakthrough come from spending time in God’s presence. When we take the extra time to linger and love on Him, I believe we accomplish much more in the natural than if we had a quick devotional moment then jumped into our day to make every minute count. What promise are you standing on today? Start praising God and giving Him glory for the promise and for what is to come. Your faith will increase and you can be sure that God is able. His timing is perfect. Give Him glory and the anointing will come in His perfect timing to birth your Issac. Blessings, Sharon