Miracles, Hope, and Divine Inspiration!


Hi!  My name is Sharon Meade and being a mom to a pre-teen daughter is my favorite out of everything I do!  She keeps me busy and teaches me new things about myself and life all the time.  I love animals, writing, swimming, hiking, reading, crafts and worship music.  I also love traveling to new places and empowering women to find hope and freedom for a better life.  The Lord has called me to share my experience of how He healed me from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder).  Moving from having 12-14 personalities to being fully integrated, healed and whole in just three years, I share stories of surrender, supernatural encounters, and miracles so that others can discover the same love, hope, and forgiveness that allowed me to heal.  I’m currently a senior at Liberty University pursuing a degree in Ministry with a focus on Christian Counseling. As an inspirational speaker, I have a special passion for sharing the healing power of Jesus Christ with women who live with the devastating effects of trauma!


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